JBL unveils the DA850 8-channel and DA1650 16-channel amplifiers

JBL unveils the DA850 8-channel and DA1650 16-channel custom-install amplifiers.
JBL unveils the DA850 8-channel and DA1650 16-channel custom-install amplifiers

JBL has introduced the DA850, an 8-channel amplifier, and the DA1650, a 16-channel amplifier. These versatile amplifiers are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with any JBL in-wall speaker. With their compact size, they can easily be installed in a 19-inch rack system. The DA850 and DA1650 offer flexible usage options, making them ideal for various audio setups.

The DA850 and DA1650 offer four and eight audio zones respectively in a compact 1U design. The outputs can be bridged in pairs to meet high power requirements.

According to JBL, both the DA850 and DA1650 offer 50 watts of power for each of their Class D channels at eight ohms and 110 watts at four ohms. By bridging their outputs, the rated power increases to 185 watts at eight ohm loads. For added flexibility, each audio zone can contain an independent source, or a single source can be shared across all zones using the common audio input. Additionally, zones that share an audio source can be expanded across multiple amplifiers using the global audio output.

The DA amplifiers offer three power mode switching options, i.e. a 12 Volt trigger, autosense and simply on (or off) with a button. Of course, the output stages are protected against overheating.

Prices and delivery information have yet to be announced.

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