Kenwood CR-ST700SCD: Versatile audio system

Kenwood CR-ST700SCD
Kenwood CR-ST700SCD

In addition to its suite of networking features, the Kenwood CR-ST700SCD can play CDs and also has a built-in FM tuner. To some, all this may seem anachronistic, but for many, we are sure, the last two functions will be useful. The Kenwood CR-ST700SCD speaker also has an optical input and an analog RCA input, further increasing its versatility.

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Added to this are networked music capabilities, available via both Ethernet and Wi-Fi. In addition to accessing audio files stored on a NAS on the same network and internet radio, the Kenwood CR-ST700SCD also provides direct access to Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon and overall the CR-ST700SCD outperforms most comparably priced competitors .

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However, in reality, everything is not so perfect. The Kenwood CR-ST700SCD supports 24bit/96kHz, but only for AAC files. FLAC and WAV support are not supported at all. However, for those who still need a CD player to listen to music, the limited High resolution support is unlikely to be an issue. By the way, the Kenwood CR-ST700SCD can play both CD-Audio and CD-R discs.

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Although from the point of view of design and construction of this model, things are noticeably better. The Kenwood CR-ST700SCD is a completely classic device in terms of circuit design, and the speaker has Class D amplifiers connected to 75mm full-range speakers, and the sound system is controlled by DSP. The speaker body also has a pleasant appearance and looks quite in the spirit of Kenwood acoustics. The build quality is also very good, the speaker looks robust and well designed. Equally important is the fact that many of the functions of the Kenwood CR-ST700SCD can be controlled both from the remote control and using the button block located on the top panel. Overall, this speaker is very convenient for daily use.

Specifications Kenwood CR-ST700SCD

Display size: 2.8 inches (7.1 cm)
Menu language: English, Danish, Finnish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Equalizers: 9x ( regular / jazz / rock / cinema / classical / pop / news / custom EQ)
Alarm clock, Sleep timer
Remote control applications
Tuner: DAB+ and FM, FM frequency range: 87.5 – 108 MHz
Internet radio
Spotify Connect
Type: USB-A – MP3 – MP3 bitrate: 32-320 kbps
Bluetooth: Version: 4.2
Wi-Fi – IEEE Wi-Fi standard: 802.11
AUX input: yes, connector 3, 5 mm on the rear panel, USB input
Headphone output: yes, 3.5 mm jack on the rear panel
Dimensions: 38.3 x 12.5 x 21.5 cm
Weight: 3.63 kg


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