Leema Constellation Antila IIs Eco
Leema Constellation Antila IIs Eco
Leema Constellation Antila IIs Eco

Leema Constellation Antila IIs Eco: CD player with a full-bodied tonal palette

The Leema Antila IIs Eco CD player has a very soft sound with a full-bodied tonal palette that is rarely seen in the digital world. At the same time, softness and smoothness do not reduce the drive and intensity of the sound. The company is better than others at striking a balance between maximum resolution and pleasant listening to music.

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The Leema Antila IIs Eco is a solid machine with a superb finish and wonderful sound. The “S” in the name is barely noticeable, but the updates associated with it are the most significant in this line. The main changes have been made to the motor and servo drive, which rotate the disk and read information from it; they led to a significant reduction in jitter and improved sound quality. Externally, you will only notice a heavier disc tray.

Apart from modernizing the transport, the player has not undergone any changes. It uses the same DAC circuit with twenty 24-bit/192 kHz converters; This device improves linearity, reduces jitter and noise. Leema Antila IIs Eco has optical and coaxial outputs, as well as, like most High-End models, balanced with XLR and unbalanced with RCA connectors. It’s a shame that Leema decided not to include digital inputs on their turntable; we’re sure that its excellent DAC would be useful to many.

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The transport cannot be called ideally quiet – when loading a disc or changing a track, it hums slightly, and operations are performed a little slowly. From the first minutes of listening, it becomes clear that this is just a wonderful player. Like previous versions, Leema Antila IIs Eco has a very natural sound: the dynamics change smoothly, not abruptly; transitions are fast, but not abrupt; The soundstage is spacious, deep and focused. The abundance of details does not distract you from the main thing; You can listen to this player for a long time and with pleasure. The latest Leema Antila IIs Eco CD player has won awards from What Hi-Fi, Sound & Vision, Hi-Fi Choice, and Hi-Fi World.

Features of Leema Antila IIs Eco

Improved stereo separation, reduced noise and improved transient response compared to the previous award-winning version.
Leema Quattro Infinity technology uses multiple multi-bit delta-sigma converters (24 Bit/192 kHz) to provide exceptional audio quality.
Infrared commands from the remote control and the use of the Leema LIPS® control system with master-slave configuration allow this player to be easily integrated with other Leema components and in a smart home system.
Energy-saving standby mode.
Unbalanced balanced outputs.

Characteristics of Leema Antila IIs Eco

Frequency range, Hz-kHz 20 – 20
S/N ratio, dB 107
Harmonic distortion, % 0.005
Audio DAC Quattro Infinity Multi-DAC 24 bit / 192 kHz
Playable discs CD, CDR, CDRW

Connecting connectors input

Others 1 x LIPS

Connectors output

Coaxial 1 x S/PDIF (RCA)
Optical 1 x Toslink
Analog audio 1 x RCA, 1 x XLR
Others 1 x LIPS

Dimensions, mm 440 x 320 x 110
Weight, kg 12

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