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Lumin L2

Lumin L2: New music server with a built-in audiophile-quality network switch

The Hong Kong-based brand has released the L2 model, a music server with two SSD drives and a built-in audiophile-quality network switch. Content on the storage can be uploaded via a network or USB interface. The switch has two RJ45 connectors and a pair of optical ports, the main advantage of which is galvanic isolation and immunity to RF interference. The server supports UPnP and SMB protocols. There is a USB 3.0 interface for connecting to computers.



The model is available in three configurations: without disks, with two 2 TB drives (4 TB total) and a pair of 4 TB SSDs (8 TB) with recommended prices of $3500, $4500 and $5500, respectively.


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