Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z
Luxman L-509Z

Luxman L-509Z: High-end integrated amplifier made for audiophiles

The Japanese audio luxury manufacturer Luxman presents its new flagship integrated amplifier L-509Z. Weighing almost 30 kg, the bolide is bursting with innovative technologies and offers maximum flexibility thanks to versatile connections and adjustment options. The newly developed LIFES circuit ensures even more pleasant sound reproduction and takes music enjoyment to a new level.

The Luxman L-509Z integrated amplifier is the new top model from the Japanese engineers and represents the consistent further development of its predecessor. The newly developed and patented LIFES amplifier circuit is used in the L-509Z amplifier. One of the advantages of the optimized technology is an even more pleasant, quiet sound reproduction.

The thick aluminum casing with a hairline finish is extremely stylish and ensures efficient heat dissipation.

Advanced tone control

The expanded tone control on the solid front is another new component. In addition to adjusting lows and highs, it now also includes a control for the mids . This means that the sound can not only be perfectly adapted to the respective room acoustics, but also to your personal listening taste.

A practical AB function, with which two pairs of speakers can be connected directly and played either together or separately, rounds off the equipment package.

The pinnacle of audio technology

With the LIFES amplifier circuit from Luxman there is an innovation in the solid aluminum housing: The “Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System” literally brings the music to life as a finely adjusted negative feedback. The LIFES technology is integrated on an additional circuit board in the preamplifier and power amplifier module. And returns only the distorted components of the audio signal.

This creates a natural sound that is unparalleled in systems with negative feedback. Another feature of Luxman precision is the “single chassis separate” concept. The preamplifier and power amplifier are placed in the solid housing as closed and isolated modules.

The Luxman L-509Z integrated amplifier offers a variety of connection options and functions.

New cushioning system

The newly developed technology is supported by the electronic “ LECUA-EX ” damping system. Luxman does not work with a conventional potentiometer, but rather switches through a series of high-quality fixed-value resistors for each channel independently. With 88 fine levels from 0 to 87 dB, it offers precise control over audio output.

Versatility and connectivity: made for audiophiles

The Luxman L-509Z amplifier offers a variety of connection options and functions. With a gain of 120W + 120W (8 ohms) and 220W + 220W (4 ohms), the L-509Z delivers impressive performance. The built-in high-quality phono equalizer circuit supports both MM and MC cartridges. And features a two-stage gain switch for MC settings.

The L-509Z from Luxman also offers a variety of connections. In addition to the phono input and four RCA inputs, two devices can also be connected via XLR . The preamp and power amplifier can be operated completely independently, thus offering potential for later expansions. There are two outputs on the front for enjoying music via headphones.

Classic: analogue VU meters on the front.

Versatile setting options

A variety of setting options can be found directly on the elegant front of the integrated amplifier. The tone control is designed in solid aluminum rotary controls. It includes lows, highs and the new midrange control.

A classic loudness function and a balance control are also on board. If you want to hear as pure as possible, you can bypass the entire tone control using Line Straight. Of course, all settings can also be made directly from the comfortable listening position via remote control.

Elegance in the details

A high-quality phono equalizer circuit works inside.

The housing made of thick aluminum with a hairline finish not only ensures efficient heat dissipation. It also gives the amplifier an elegant look that reflects the interior. The carefully crafted ventilation openings ensure optimal air circulation.

While the robust cast iron isolation feet minimize unwanted vibrations and protect the main chassis from external interference.

On the front, two centrally arranged analog VU meters represent the classic Luxman amplifier tradition. If desired, these can also be switched off in order to concentrate fully on the music.

Price: $12,990

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