Lyngdorf MP-60 2.1: Uncompromising 16-channel high-end preamplifier

The MP-60 2.1 is a cutting-edge, fully digital, 16-channel, top-of-the-line surround preamplifier/processor that offers limitless opportunities to maximize the performance of the latest audio and video formats, including 8K. Additionally, Lyngdorf’s exclusive RoomPerfect system can enhance the quality of your movie sound to an unparalleled level in any listening environment. Despite its extensive capabilities, the MP-60 2.1 remains remarkably user-friendly and intuitive, making setup and daily operation a breeze.

State-of-the-art hdmi 2.1 functionality

The MP-60 2.1 is equipped with comprehensive support for the latest surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, and AURO-3D. It offers 5 x HDMI inputs and 2 x HDMI outputs with HDMI 2.1 featuring eARC, Dynamic Lip-Sync, and QMS (Quick Media Switching), along with cutting-edge decoding and post-processing capabilities.


Featuring a 40 Gbps fixed rate link (RFL) and 18 Gbps transition minimized differential signaling (TDMS) video rates, the MP-60 2.1 also includes Variable refresh rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport / Fast Vactive, auto low latency mode (ALLM), and high dynamic range (HDR) support, including HDMI dynamic HDR, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision. With eARC, you can transmit a full Dolby Atmos signal from your TV, ensuring an immersive audio experience from top-tier high-definition video streaming services.

The MP-60 2.1 delivers a truly unique three-dimensional and dynamic sound experience. With 16 independent channels, 12 outputs are dedicated to the fundamental setup of an advanced home theater with height channels (11.1), while the remaining 4 can be allocated to additional speakers like subwoofers, surround wide, or Auro speakers.

All 16 channels maintain their originality, utilizing available material, or the processor generates the signal through an upmixer. The quality of your sound experience is primarily determined by the source material, regardless of whether your system is based on Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, or DTS:X. The balanced XLR connections enable seamless integration of the MP-60 2.1 with a variety of top-tier separate power amplifiers on the market.


The MP-60 2.1 has a built-in media player with Airplay, Spotify Connect, Roon and internet radio with a wired network connection. So naturally it can also play music in the exceptionally detailed, dynamic and crystal-clear quality that has made Lyngdorf and RoomPerfect legendary among hi-fi reviewers and music lovers worldwide.

The Lyngdorf MP-60 2.1 has everything you could want in terms of options for even the most advanced home cinema, including IR sensors and 12V triggers. With RS232 and IP control, you can integrate the processor with popular control systems, while setup and support can be done remotely via a browser (PC/Mac). DCI-compatible AES/EBU connection to digital sources and/or amplifiers can be built in as an option.


RoomPerfect is Lyngdorf’s renowned and cutting-edge system for active, digital room correction. Since its inception alongside Lyngdorf’s TDA-2200 stereo amplifier, RoomPerfect has gained a reputation as an extraordinary solution that optimizes the performance of any speaker system in any listening room, without compromising the sound quality. Now, with the MP-60 2.1, you can immerse yourself in this incredible system in a complete surround sound setup!

RoomPerfect ensures that you enjoy the utmost sound quality from your valuable speakers, including one or more subwoofers, without the need to transform your living room into a professional sound studio. It is user-friendly, elevating the performance of your entire setup to a significantly higher level effortlessly, and it operates without the necessity of a PC!


By utilizing the provided measuring microphone and conducting a series of microphone measurements, RoomPerfect thoroughly analyzes your listening room and creates a highly accurate digital correction that effectively counteracts room resonances and other distortions. Consequently, the sound emitted from your speakers is the pure, unadulterated sound from the original recording, unaffected by any distortions or colorations caused by your listening environment.

RoomPerfect operates by eliminating the excessive sound caused by room resonances at specific frequencies. This singular feature significantly enhances the accuracy of the sound image. By inputting the physical distances between the speakers and the desired listening position, the MP-60 2.1 system effortlessly corrects any phase discrepancies in the audio, thereby adding the final touch to an unparalleled, lifelike music experience.

Once the measurements are completed, RoomPerfect can store multiple settings that optimize the sound quality not only in the “sweet spot” but also in other listening positions, based on your preference. Additionally, the system can generate a global setting that remarkably enhances the sound throughout the entire room. Therefore, you can conveniently position your speakers against the wall and allow RoomPerfect to handle the rest. Placing the speakers adjacent to the wall is actually the optimal configuration as it enhances efficiency and minimizes impulse spreading or “smearing.” However, this exceptional capability is exclusive to RoomPerfect!


  • Outstanding digital sound quality in up to 16 independent channels
  • HDMI 2.1 med 8K/60, 40Gbps, HDCP 2.3, eARC, Dynamic Lip Sync, ALLM, VRR, HDR/HLG/Dolby Vision m.m.
  • RoomPerfect room correction for optimal sound in all listening rooms
  • Exclusive and solid design in aluminum and glass
  • State-of-the-art digital signalbehandling
  • Supports both Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X
  • Advanced Bass Management med RoomPerfect
  • Two synchronous HDMI outputs with individual source selection
  • Balanced XLR connections for optional power stages
  • Built-in media player with Roon, Spotify Connect, AirPlay and internet radio
  • Setup in browser (PC), app management and IR/RF remote control
  • Possibility of up to 32 personal voicings for adjusting the frequency response
  • Backup of all settings via SD card or USB
  • Can be upgraded with DCI-compatible AES/EBU connection to digital media servers or to power amplifiers with digital input (optional)


  • Some options have more options for music playback and music streaming
  • No analog audio or video inputs
  • No integrated video upscaling
  • No output for headphones
  • No built-in wireless network function (wi-fi) or Bluetooth
  • Demands its place with associated power stages

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