Manunta Classic Integrated Amplifier unveiled


Manunta is a brand of the Italian M2Tech. Manunta presents traditional design combined with the latest analog technology with the new “Classic” product line, the first product of which is the new Classic Integrated Amplifier. At the High End Audio Fair in Munich that starts on Thursday, Marco Manunta will present the Classic Integrated Amplifier to an international audience for the first time in Hall 1 / Stand C08.

Manunta Classic Integrated Amplifier

The Classic Integrated Amplifier from Manunta was developed with the aim of doing justice to the essence of music and meeting the needs of demanding music lovers who are looking for a traditionally elegant design, simple operation, versatility and of course convincing sound performance. The new device is very similar to the M2Tech Classic Integrated Amplifier that we recently wrote about. At first glance, only the brand name is different.

The output stage of the Manunta Classic Integrated Amplifier can deliver a power of 60 Watts continuously at eight ohms and up to 240 Watts short-term power (10 ms) at four Ohms. To achieve optimal sound performance, the developers omitted electronic protection and relied on oversizing the power amplifier and a temperature sensor that prevents the output transistors from overheating.

The phono stage is probably the most striking part of the classic integrated amplifier. It is an MM/MC phono stage with discrete components that can handle all MM cartridges, as well as most MC cartridges in the same price range as the amplifier. Users not using a turntable can set this input to line level.

The preamp section of the integrated amplifier is much more than a regular operational amplifier or a passive attenuator. The discrete component circuitry allows control of the internal power amplifier and any external power amplifier. The volume is controlled via an Alps RK27 potentiometer and the input selection via relay.

The Manunta Classic Integrated Amplifier will be shown to the public at the upcoming High End audio fair in Munich.


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