Marantz CD6007
Marantz CD6007
Marantz CD6007

Marantz CD6007: Dynamic and accurate CD Player

The Marantz CD6007 CD player features an updated circuit topology, carefully selected components and new, more rigid support feet for effective vibration suppression. To strengthen the chassis, an additional metal plate is installed at the bottom of the body. The model received a powerful power supply with high-current capacitors, an W-shaped power transformer and fast Schottky diodes, and separate rectifiers are provided for the digital and analog sections. The AK4490 chip (24 bit/192 kHz) is used as a digital-to-analog converter. HDAM SA2 discrete signal amplifiers are installed at the output, which, in fact, are an alternative to standard operational amplifiers and exceed them in the rate of rise of the output voltage, and also significantly reduce noise and expand the dynamic range. The result is a more dynamic, accurate and detailed sound.


Connectivity The Marantz CD6007 includes an analog line output with gold-plated RCA connectors, as well as optical and coaxial connectors for outputting a digital signal to an external DAC. There are two D-Bus system bus sockets. To operate the CD player, a new universal remote control is used, which allows you to control other Marantz components, incl. amplifier Marantz PM6007.


A 2-line, 16-character fluorescent display is installed in the center of the front panel. Above it is the CJDKT690 CD transport tray, which confidently works with CD-DA and CD-R/RW discs. Playback of MP3, WMA and AAC formats recorded on CD is available. CD text display is supported. To the left and right of the display are the playback control and open/close buttons. tray. On the front there is a power/standby key, a mini-source selection button, a USB port for external drives with support for iPod/iPhone, and a 6.3 mm headphone jack with a volume control mounted next to it. It should be noted that the Marantz CD6006 received a new headphone amplifier, which also uses a discrete HDAM SA2 circuit and which allows you to select one of three gain options for more precise matching with headphones of different impedances. USB supports playback of MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC formats.

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The Marantz CD6007 delivers clear, crisp, smooth and detailed sound with well-developed bass and a spacious, natural soundstage. The Marantz CD6007 player continues the evolutionary line of the well-known CD6006 model, which received the highest award from the specialized publication What Hi-Fi.

Characteristics of Marantz CD6007

Supported formats (CD drive) CD-DA, CD-R/RW, WMA, MP3 and AAC files recorded on CD
Information display CD-Text, ID3 Tag, WMA Meta Tag, AAC Meta data
DAC AK4490 (24 bit /192 kHz)
HDAM low-pass filter section
HDAM SA2 output buffer HDAM
SA2 headphone amplifier + buffer
Frequency response 2 Hz – 20 kHz
Dynamic range 100 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 110 dB
Channel separation 98 dB
Harmonic distortion 0.002%
Output voltage 2.2 B
The function of adjusting the brightness of the display is
The function of turning off the digital outputs and display is Yes
Supported file formats when playing via USB (type A) from external drives WAV (up to 16 bit / 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz), MP3, WMA, AAC
Supported file standards USB storage systems FAT16, FAT32
Inputs USB port (type A, compatible with iPod/iPhone)
Outputs 6.3 mm for headphones, linear RCA, optical, coaxial
Other switching input/output of the system bus D-Bus
Universal remote control RC003PMCD
Consumed power 32 W, in standby mode: 0.3 W
Removable power cord
Dimensions (WxHxD) 440x105x340 mm
Weight 6.5 kg

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