McIntosh D150: Powerful digital preamplifier

McIntosh D150
McIntosh D150

The McIntosh D150 DAC with preamplifier function supports all modern digital audio formats and will be an excellent addition to both the systems of fans of this brand and any high-end audio kits. The device is made in a classic design for this company and is equipped with a full set of digital inputs, including USB. Under the front panel, covered with tempered glass, there is a large, easy to read from a long distance FL display, which displays all the necessary information about the operation of the device.

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The on-board 8-channel digital-to-analogue converter ES9016 SABER 32 Ultra DAC, borrowed from the D100 model, is used in an effective Quad Balanced mode. Therefore, music at all levels is reproduced with extreme precision. Via an asynchronous USB input, the DAC works with signals in 32-bit/384 kHz resolution, as well as DSD64, DSD128 and DXD formats with sampling rates of 352.8 and 384 kHz. In addition, the model received two coaxial and optical inputs that accept signals at 24-bit/192 kHz resolution, and a DIN digital input connector for the purest sound possible, which supports PCM and DSD formats. The rear panel of the McIntosh D150 also has fixed line outputs RCA, XLR and duplicating adjustable outputs. This ensured an exceptionally high degree of audio detail and accurate transmission of low-level signals.

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The McIntosh D150 features adjustable and unregulated analog outputs, available in balanced and unbalanced options. This allows you not only to connect the McIntosh D150 to an integrated or preamplifier already in the system, but also to use this model with active acoustics or power amplifiers. In addition, this model is equipped with a built-in amplifier for very high-class headphones (the impedance of connected models can be up to 600 Ohms). The McIntosh D150 has a dedicated external control system input for connecting to McIntosh preamps or AV control center. The device is equipped with a fully functional remote control.

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The McIntosh D150 preamplifier can be bus connected to other proprietary components. The DATA mini-jack connection allows it to be controlled by the remote control of other devices, such as a McIntosh AV processor. The device has a low-noise R-Core transformer in the power supply, has an exceptionally low harmonic distortion coefficient of 0.0015% and guarantees extremely accurate and transparent sound. The kit includes a universal remote control.

McIntosh D150 Specifications

Frequency response 4 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
Frequency response 4 Hz – 68 kHz (- 3 dB)
Harmonic distortion less than 0.0015%
Signal-to-noise ratio 110 dB
Inputs USB, 2 optical, 2 coaxial
Outputs XLR balanced (adjustable, unadjustable), RCA unbalanced (adjustable, unadjustable), for headphones
Additionally Power Control (In. Out), Data (In), IR (In)
Input signal USB: 16 – 32 bit / 44, 1 – 384 kHz (PCM), DSD64, DSD128, DXD352.8 kHz, DXD384 kHz; optical/coaxial: up to 24 bit / 192 kHz
Output impedance 44 kOhm (balanced), 22 kOhm (unbalanced)
Output signal 16 V (balanced), 8 V (unbalanced)
Power consumption 30 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 445 x 98 x 406 mm
Weight 12.7 kg

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