Medion Life P66538
Medion Life P66538
Medion Life P66538

Medion Life P66538: The Boombox is back!

A German company that sells a wide range of electronics under its own brand has released a retro boombox Medion Life P66538, made in the style of the 80s with a cassette tape drive, CD drive, DAB +/FM tuner and Bluetooth interface. The maximum amplifier power is 2 x 100 W. There is an X-Bass mode that enhances the response at low frequencies.


The device can play MP3 files from USB flash drives or microSD memory cards, and is equipped with two microphone inputs for karaoke. Dimensions 670 x 271 x 171 mm, weight 6.1 kg.





Back to the 80s!

Are you ready for a journey through time into the unmistakable atmosphere of the 80s? Then the 80’s Retro Boombox is just right for you! Immerse yourself in the era of neon colors and pulsating music while enjoying the latest technology. Experience wireless freedom and effortlessly connect your smartphone or tablet to the boombox via Bluetooth. Worn on your shoulder or standing in the room – the 80’s Retro Boombox allows you to rock your party in retro style. Play your old CDs or enjoy MP3 files. But that’s not all, because only the integrated cassette deck brings back 100% nostalgia of the 80s! So that you are always up to date, we have integrated a DAB+/PLL FM radio. So you can receive your favorite stations in crystal clear quality and rock them in different decades. All important information is clearly displayed on the LCD display. The operation is simple and intuitive, so that you can concentrate fully on the music and the iconic look of the 80’s retro boombox. Get the compact music system in the style of the 80s and experience the perfect combination of retro charm and the latest technology. Enjoy the freedom of wireless music transmission, the revival of your old CDs and mixtapes and all the modern features that make this boombox an absolute must-have.

Rich sound reproduction


This speaker system with separate tweeters and woofers offers you an impressive music output of 2 x 10 watts RMS. It enables a clear, balanced sound experience that brings every detail of your favorite music to the fore. Individual control of the tweeters and woofers ensures precise audio reproduction that impresses in any environment. Whether you prefer enthusiastic beats or gentle melodies, our speaker system promises unforgettable listening pleasure.

Audio preservation made easy


The 80s Retro Boombox offers an extensive recording function that allows you to preserve and expand your music collection. Not only can you transfer music from radio, CD or cassette to USB or MicroSD card, but you can also record radio or CD content onto cassette. This versatile feature allows you to capture and enjoy your favorite sounds, no matter what media you prefer.

You are the star!

With two microphone connections, the 80s retro boombox opens up a wide range of creative possibilities. Whether you want to practice singing karaoke, make special announcements or simply want to put on a spontaneous performance – this boombox offers you the platform. If you don’t have a microphone at hand, the integrated microphone provides immediate support.

Powerful bass at the push of a button


Our special X-Bass mode gives your sound a powerful depth that lets the music appear in a new light. No matter whether you want to feel the bass intensely or love deep tones – this function allows you to shape the sound according to your wishes and adapt it to different music genres.

Versatile playback options


The 80s Retro Boombox is equipped with a USB port and a microSD card slot to play music from various storage devices. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite hits from a variety of sources, be it USB sticks, memory cards or other compatible devices.

Stylish and practical


Just like the original model, our 80s retro boombox is characterized by its slim housing and practical carrying handle – making it easy to transport. Whether you use it in the living room, bedroom or outdoors, the boombox is ready to accompany your sound wherever you are.

Approximate price: €180.