MoFi UltraPhono
MoFi UltraPhono
MoFi UltraPhono

MoFi UltraPhono: Phono stage with a powerful Class A headphone amplifier

The MoFi Electronics UltraPhono phono preamplifier has a wide bandwidth, which was specially developed by engineers working at the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. Tim De Paravicini, the developer behind the Mobile Fidelity Gain2™ Ultra analog disc cutting system, helped create the internal circuitry to ensure your system at home plays the music from your records at its best.

MoFi Electronics UltraPhono
MoFi Electronics UltraPhono

The MoFi Electronics UltraPhono includes a powerful Class A headphone amplifier, ideal for quiet evenings at home when you want to keep everyone online from knowing what you’re listening to. It is equipped with a 31-step volume control. All you have to do is plug in your headphones and turn it on! This is the easiest way to achieve high quality vinyl listening using headphones.

With gain and load selection, you can tailor the MoFi Electronics UltraPhono to fit virtually any moving magnet or moving coil head. An easily accessible switch panel can be found on the underside of the device to quickly make settings.


MoFi Electronics UltraPhono™ and StudioPhono™ are specifically designed to work with most moving magnet (MM) heads, moving coil (MC) heads, and moving metal magnetic (MI) heads. If you are using moving magnet (MC) heads, you will need to adjust the phono preamp settings for best results. Find the DIP switches, which are located on the bottom panel. Each switch is mirrored for left and right channels. Start by selecting each DIP switch for your head’s recommended impedance level, as shown in the Input Impedance Settings chart. Then select the best gain for your cartridge using the gain settings chart and set the DIP switches accordingly. For a moving magnet (MM) head, start at 40 dB. For a moving coil (MC) head, start at 60 dB. An additional 6 dB can be added via DIP switches 1 and 12.

MoFi Electronics UltraPhono Features:

Adjustable signal gain level for moving magnet or moving coil head 40 dB, 46 dB, 60 dB, 66 dB
Adjustable load 75 ohms – 47 kOhm
Headphone amplifier operating in pure class A
Switchable Mono mode
Subsonic Filter
External power supply

MoFi Electronics UltraPhono characteristics:

Harmonic coefficient: MM – 0.06%, MC – 0.055%
Gain: 40, 46, 60, 66 dB (MM/MS)
Input impedance: 47 kOhm/75, 100, 500 Ohm, 1, 10, 47 kOhm (MM/MS)
Analog input: 1 x RCA
Analog output: 1 x RCA

Headphone amplifier Headphone

output: 8 V RMS max, 62 ohms, 1.5 W per channel
Volume control: 31 steps, 2 dB per step, 62 dB range
Audio on/off: -90 dB
Minimum impedance: > 10 ohms