Muse HiFi M4: Sleek, high-end portable Bluetooth and USB DAC/amplifie

MuseHiFi M4
MuseHiFi M4

MuseHiFi M4 is a new, sleek, high-end portable Bluetooth and USB DAC/amplifier. Equipped with the latest generation Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset, the M4 provides seamless Bluetooth connectivity with support for high-definition codecs including LDAC, AptX HD, etc. Muse HiFi designed the M4 with an independent High-Fidelity architecture including ESS Saber DAC, 13LDO chips, etc. d. The best part is that the M4 is equipped with two USB Type-C connectors and independent inputs for charging and data transfer. This makes it easy to use the M4 as a USB DAC and charge the device at the same time. For ease of connection, there are 3.5 mm, 4.4 mm and 2.5 mm headphone jacks.

MuseHiFi M4

High Definition Bluetooth Connection
Featuring the latest Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset, Muse HiFi M4 provides superior Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It is stable and has low latency, providing a stable HD Bluetooth connection. The M4 supports high-definition wireless protocols, including LDAC and AptX HD.

Independent functionality HiFi USB DAC
M4 is equipped with a high-performance USB receiver and premium ES9038Q2M DAC chipset, providing crystal clear high-resolution audio decoding. The M4 supports Hi-Res PCM (32-bit/384 kHz) and Native DSD256 decoding.

MuseHiFi M4

SSC Intelligent Smart Switching
MuseHiFi has equipped the M4 with SCC Intelligent Smart Switching architecture. It controls independent DAC decoding, USB signal, power management, and also controls the headphone outputs. This ensures everything works as intended and delivers great sound, restoring the performance of wireless outputs to the same level as wired ones.

Dual Independent USB Ports, USB Auto Mode
Muse HiFi M4 is equipped with two independent USB ports. One port is for charging the device, and the other is for use as a USB DAC. It automatically switches to USB DAC mode when you connect your smartphone to the USB data port. At the same time, the battery continues to operate at 80%, providing power to the source smartphone.

MuseHiFi M4

MuseHiFi M4 Features:

  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.1
  • Volume adjustment: Phone volume can be adjusted separately
  • and independently
  • Codecs: AAC/SBC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX Adaptive/aptX HD/LDAC
  • Bluetooth chip: QCC5125
  • DAC: ES9038Q2M
  • Amplifier: ES9603Q
  • USB DAC: SA9137
  • Transmission distance: 12m
  • Gain Setting: L/H
  • Volume levels: 60
  • Output power: 3.5: ≥160mW+160mW; 2.5/4.4: >320mW+320mW (32 Ohm)
  • SNR: 3.5: ≥118dB; 2.5/4.4: ≥115dB(A)
  • Noise: 3.5: < 3 µV; 2.5/4.4: < 5.5 µV
  • THD+N: 3.5: <0.00048%; 2.5/4.4 :< 0.00032%
  • Separation: 3.5: ≥75dB; 2.5/4.4: 107 dB or higher
  • Microphone: yes
  • NFC: supported
  • Driverless Mode: Supported
  • Mobile Decoding: Supported
  • Car Mode: Supported
  • MQA rendering: Supported
  • Outputs: 3.5mm+4.4mm+2.5mm
  • USB interface: Type-C USB 2.0 (charging) + Type-C USB 2.0 (charging) + Type-C USB 2.0 (data transfer)
  • Battery capacity: 1100 mAh
  • Operating time: 3.5: ≥8h; 2.5/4.4: 7 h
  • Size: 41.8mm x 84mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 73 g