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Musical Fidelity Launches BPC Power Conditioner Line
Musical Fidelity Launches BPC Power Conditioner Line
Musical Fidelity Launches BPC Power Conditioner Line

Musical Fidelity Launches BPC Power Conditioner Line

Musical Fidelity has introduced a whole series of BPC power filters , consisting of the BPC3, BPC5, BPC10 and BPC16 models . The numbers in the name of the device indicate the maximum current in amperes that can pass through the filter. All four are equipped with large toroidal transformers and, of course, other components that clean the power supply from interference.

Musical Fidelity BPC Power Conditioners

Power that is free of interference and distortion is a must for achieving high-quality sound. For this reason, all Musical Fidelity products are equipped with powerful and sophisticated power supplies, which sets them apart from most competitors. Historically, Musical Fidelity products have been heavier due to their commitment to clean power supply.

Musical Fidelity BPC16 Power Conditioner

The British manufacturer has used its know-how in this area to produce the best power supplies for electronic components, and has now transferred this technology to BPC power conditioners. While these filters provide a small improvement even for current Musical Fidelity components equipped with quality power supplies, they will significantly improve the performance of low-power components, especially digital devices.

Musical Fidelity BPC5 Power Conditioner

All four models of the BPC series are equipped with a toroidal transformer, which, together with other components, supplies clean energy to the various power zones. In this way, mutual influence of the connected components is largely avoided. The junior model, the BPC3, offers two power zones of 300 W each. The senior model, the BPC16, provides three power zones: two of 600 W and one of 2 kW, which, according to the developers, is ideal for powering high-power amplifiers.

Musical Fidelity BPC5 Power Conditioner  Musical Fidelity BPC16 Power Conditioner

The new Musical Fidelity BPC power conditioners will go on sale in July 2024. The junior model BPC3 can be purchased in Europe for 1,999 euros . The BPC5 conditioner will cost 3,499 euros , and the BPC10 will cost 4,999 euros . The top-of-the-line BPC16 is priced at 5,999 euros .

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