Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2
Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2
Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2

Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2: Bluetooth 5.0 receiver

Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2 uses a Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 chip that supports APT-X, APT-X HD and LDAC Hi-Res audio reception in blutooth mode, as well as a 24-bit ESS Saber ES9023 DAC and low jitter SiTime clock for ensuring high fidelity Bluetooth audio playback when listening to music from a smartphone, tablet and computer.

Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2

For convenience, the device also has two USB ports for fast charging of mobile devices. Both USB ports support Android QC3.0, Apple and Huawei fast charging technologies. Each port can output up to 3A of current, allowing you to charge phones and tablets much faster, saving you valuable time, especially in the car. Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2 is used not only for home audio, but also for car audio. It adds Hi-Res Bluetooth wireless music playback functionality to your car. Even if your car is equipped with a factory Bluetooth input, since it uses a low-resolution SBC/AAC codec, no dedicated external DAC, and low sync jitter, the audio quality will be much worse than what the MP-B1 MK2 can provide. Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2 is guaranteed to sound significantly better.

Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2

Characteristics of Musical Paradise MP-B1 MK2:

  • Receiver Qualcomm CSR8675 APT-X, APT-X HD, LDAC Bluetooth 5.0
  • Specialized digital-to-analog converter (DAC) ESS Saber ES9023 24Bit Hi-Fi
  • High precision SiTime TCXO as DAC master oscillator for low audio jitter.
  • DCDC isolator and low noise LDO regulators for DAC and Bluetooth circuits to eliminate noise from dirty car power.
  • Wide DC input voltage range, supports 12-24V.
  • Fast charging Android QC3.0, Apple and Huawei.
  • High-performance DCDC power regulator for each USB port for fast charging, even when two phones are charging at the same time.
  • HiFi class capacitors Panasonic, Sanyo OS, ELNA
  • Built-in high gain antenna.