Musical Paradise MP-P2: Premium audiophile grade phono stage

Musical Paradise MP-P2
Musical Paradise MP-P2

Musical Paradise MP-P2 is a premium phono stage that supports both MM and MC heads.

Musical Paradise MP-P2

A high-quality phono preamplifier is necessary to extract enormous sonic information from vinyl records. To achieve this goal, we spent a huge amount of time on research and development, testing, fine tuning and final assembly. Over the past 2 years, we have received a lot of feedback from MP-P1 users and have spent a lot of time developing the MP-P1’s successor. We are pleased to announce that the amazing MP-P2 tube phono stage is ready to order.

There are many types of phono preamps on the market, but most of them use a low-cost integrated operational amplifier (OPAMP). They are based on a feedback circuit, which does not sound very natural or musical. To create the most natural-sounding analog phono preamp, we use NXP JFET transistor modules, 12AX7 and 6922 signal tubes, and 6X5 rectifier tubes. The MP-P2 also uses a single-ended, zero-negative feedback Class A hybrid circuit for amplification and a passive RIAA network for equalization.

It presents listeners with smooth mids, a huge soundstage, excellent high and low frequency extension, and a natural, detailed and musical sound experience. You’ll be amazed at what the MP-P2 is capable of bringing out the ultra-fine details of vinyl records.

Musical Paradise MP-P2

Here are some key features of the Musical Paradise MP-P2:
1. Passive RIAA network and zero global negative feedback design provide extremely natural and musical sound.
2.Adjustable input and output gain control. Enough gain to support ultra-low output MC cartridge.
3. Full monoblock design to provide the best channel isolation.
4. Tubular rectification supports 6X5, 5U4G, GZ34, 274B, 5AR4 rectifier tubes.
5. Four 12AX7 tubes and two 6922 tubes for the MM amplification section.
6. Jfet module is used for MC – MM boost section. This module can be modified by the user to support other JFET transistors.
7. American Dale military grade resistors; high quality capacitors Rybycon, Nichicon, Panasonic, ELNA.
8. Obligato gold coupling capacitors. Screw-in design for easy screwing of lids.
9. High power dual toroidal transformers.
10. High voltage and filament power are controlled by constant current to minimize noise.
11. Gold plated printed circuit board.
12. Gold plated connectors.

Musical Paradise MP-P2

Characteristics of Musical Paradise MP-P2:

  • Gain: Variable; MM 55 dB (max), MC 100 dB (max)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.1% (open loop)
  • Input Impedance: MM Settings: 47K, MC Settings: 30ohm, 40ohm, 50ohm, 67ohm, 75ohm, 86ohm, 200ohm, 300ohm, 600ohm and more.
  • Power requirements: AC 110V-120V, 220V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 60W
  • Dimensions: Width 430mm Height 155mm Depth 520mm
  • Weight: 15kg (gross)

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