Musician Pegasus II
Musician Pegasus II
Musician Pegasus II

Musician Pegasus II: High performance stationary R2R DAC

Musician introduces the patented Pegasus II R2R + DSD architecture, showcasing true balanced 24-bit R2R + 6-bit DSD with a 32-stop FIR filter. Departing from conventional IC-based decoders, the design incorporates a discrete resistive array decoder (R2R) that utilizes an FPGA for dynamic switching. This innovative methodology enables the implementation of more flexible algorithms, surpassing the constraints of traditional chip-based designs.

High Efficiency ALTERA Chip
Thanks to the high efficiency ALTERA chip, our DAC provides distortion-free audio transmission and meets HIFI standards. Known for its flexibility, high reliability and low power consumption, ALTERA enhances the overall performance of Pegasus Il.

Improved sound quality
What sets the Pegasus Il apart from its predecessor is the improved sound quality achieved through careful optimization of materials, delivering superior performance and increased cost-effectiveness.

Encapsulated Linear Power Supply
Experience stability and low noise with an encapsulated linear power supply. A multi-level power supply in the digital and analog parts combined with a linear regulator provides a constant supply voltage for the DAC.

Driverless Compatibility
Mac and Linux users are guaranteed seamless plug-and-play functionality with no driver installation required. Windows users can enjoy hassle-free connectivity with the licensed Thesycon USB driver.

Versatile Digital Inputs
Pegasus Il offers several digital input options including coaxial, optical, AES, USB and I2S. Enjoy single-ended RCA and balanced XLR outputs for true balanced sound.

Musician Pegasus II - stationary R2R DAC
Musician Pegasus II – stationary R2R DAC
Characteristics of Pegasus II
Frequency response
10Hz – 60kHz
123 dB (A-weighted)
Dynamic range
>120 dB
AC power supply
Power consumption
20 W
Analogue output
RCA(2.2vrms), XLR(3.55vrms)
Digital input
DSD64 DoP, USB&I2S input supports DSD1024
All inputs support 24bit/44.1K48K,88.2K,96K,176.4K,192KHz. USB input supports 1536kHz, 12S input supports PCM 768KHz
280 x 250 x 50 mm
3.9 kg