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New flagship amplifiers from Primare: SPA25 Prisma and SP25 Prisma

Primare SPA25 Prisma and SP25 Prisma
Primare SPA25 Prisma and SP25 Prisma

The “SPA25 Prisma” stands as the pinnacle of integrated amplifiers in Primare’s luxurious repertoire, representing the apex of Swedish engineering prowess. Its counterpart, the “SP25 Prisma,” on the other hand, serves as a refined preamplifier, focusing on delivering pristine audio signals to power amplification stages.

These latest additions to Primare’s lineup, the “SPA25 Prisma” and “SP25 Prisma,” epitomize a refined subtlety that belies their exceptional performance. Adorned with an understated elegance, they seamlessly cater to both the discerning audiophile and the home cinema enthusiast, supporting an array of audio and video formats with aplomb. Powered by Prisma technology, they effortlessly transition into versatile network and streaming players, controlled seamlessly through the proprietary “Prisma” streaming app.

The evolution of Primare’s technology since 2022, notably marked by the success of the “I35 Prisma” amplifier, is evident in these latest offerings. While the “I35 Prisma” showcased impeccable craftsmanship and a plethora of features, occasional operational quirks left room for improvement—a gap the “SPA25 Prisma” and “SP25 Prisma” aim to bridge.

The “SPA25 Prisma” emerges as a multi-channel integrated amplifier tailored for both home theater aficionados and music enthusiasts alike. Its sleek dimensions of 430 mm x 400 mm x 145 mm belie its powerful capabilities. Sporting a 9-channel amplifier employing Class D technology, it delivers a formidable 90 watts per channel at 8 and 4 ohms across all channels. From standard 5.1 setups to immersive 5.1.4 or 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos configurations, the “SPA25 Prisma” delivers unparalleled versatility.

Moreover, with additional amplification such as the Primare A35.2, it seamlessly handles 7.1.4 systems. Streaming capabilities abound, with compatibility with popular services like Qobuz, Tidal, and Deezer, along with support for AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth connections, making it a true audio powerhouse.

Furthermore, it’s Roon ready, ensuring seamless integration into any setup. The “SP25 Prisma,” sharing similar technological prowess, functions exclusively as a preamplifier.

Both models feature the “Dirac Live” room correction system, addressing any acoustic anomalies with precision. Utilizing the included measuring microphone, it analyzes up to 17 positions within the room, optimizing speaker and room characteristics for unparalleled audio fidelity.

Available in sleek black and titanium finishes, the Primare “SPA25 Prisma” and “SP25 Prisma” are now offered through select retailers. Priced at 5,620 euros for the “SPA25 Prisma” and 4,750 euros for the “SP25 Prisma”.

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