Onkyo R-N855
Onkyo R-N855
Onkyo R-N855

Onkyo R-N855: Versatile network stereo receiver

The Onkyo R-N855 network stereo receiver can play music from connected hard drives or from any wireless audio application via Google Cast, AirPlay and Bluetooth. The receiver also has an FM/DAB+ tuner, Internet radio and all the necessary inputs for connecting a CD. Looking under the hood, you’ll find a powerful EI power transformer and audio circuitry made from high-quality components, including two huge capacitors that provide deep, powerful bass. Housed in a super-tough, flat metal case and reinforced with a durable aluminum front panel, this amp is built for serious, good full-blown sound.


The Onkyo R-N855 power supply is equipped with a custom transformer and a pair of 4700 uF capacitors. A separate transformer is installed for standby mode. The circuit design uses a three-stage inverted circuit using Darlington transistors. The amplifier produces 70 W per channel (4 ohms). WRAT wideband amplification technology is used, which reduces noise and ensures reliable operation even with problematic speakers.


The Onkyo R-N855 uses the VERITA AK4490 (32-bit/768 kHz) DAC, which works in conjunction with a VLSC circuit that eliminates noise caused by clock pulses. Thanks to DLNA support, the Onkyo R-N855 can work as a streamer and connect to a local network via an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi. At the same time, PCM (24 bit/192 kHz) and DSD (2.8/5.6 MHz) formats stored on servers/computers of this network become available, and access to online services opens (Spotify Connect, TuneIn Radio, etc. are supported .). To control the Onkyo R-N855, use the included remote control or a proprietary application installed on devices with iOS or Android.

Specifications Onkyo R-N855

70 W/channel, 4 Ohm, 1 kHz, 1 channel Driven, IEC
Google Cast, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, Spotify, TuneIn and Deezer streaming
Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming Technology
USB-HDD playback capability, with song selection via Onkyo App
Onkyo Controller App for iPhone/iPod Touch*3 and Android™*4 devices
Supports Hi-Res Audio (11.2 MHz DSD and 192/24 PCM via network and USB)
FireConnect Wireless – Ability to connect additional speakers wirelessly ( speakers must be FireConnect compatible)
Aluminum front panel and aluminum volume control
Rugged, anti-resonant metal housing
High-Output EI transformer and Audio-grade
VLSC™ capacitors Signal processing
AK4490 768kHz/32-bit DAC
Optimal frequency range adjustment circuitry
Tone control ( Bass / Treble, ± 6 dB)
PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) Jitter-Cleaning Technology
Sync Bass Boost Technology
2 x USB Type-A Inputs (front / rear)
DAB+ and FM / RDS Tuners (40 FM / RDS)
2 analog audio inputs (1 gold-plated), 1 coaxial digital input (gold-plated), 1 optical digital input, MM Phono input, and subwoofer preamp output
Gold-plated banana plug speaker jacks
Detachable power cable
Automatic timed shutdown
Display settings (Normal / Dim / Dimmer)
RI ( Remote Interactive) input/output for integrated control of system components
3.5 mm headphone output
2 finishes: silver and black
Dimensions 27.5 x 8.77 x 28.32 cm
Weight 6.1 kg