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Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium
Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium
Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium

Orchard Audio unveils Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium power amplifier

Orchard Audio has launched a small but very powerful mono power amplifier called Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium. The new power amplifier is equipped with semiconductors made from the relatively new material gallium nitride, which makes ultra-fast switching possible. According to the designers, the result is a distinctive transparent sound.

Orchard Audio Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium

Orchard Audio previously released the Starkrimson Mono Premium. This mono power amplifier can deliver 150 Watts at eight or four Ohms. The Starkrimson Mono Ultra inherits many of the features but can deliver more power, i.e. 250 Watts at eight Ohms and 500 Watts at four Ohms. According to the manufacturer, the Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium represents the culmination of Orchard Audio’s (and founder Leonid (Leo) Ayzenshtat’s) search for new approaches to audio. This meticulously crafted monoblock amplifier uses GaN technology and Ayzenshtat’s unique Class D design to deliver unparalleled power, detail and clarity.

Over the past few years, Ayzenshtat has continually perfected its range of Starkrimson (150 Watt) and Starkrimson Ultra (250 Watt) audio amplifiers using Orchard Audio’s proprietary DC-coupled, fully balanced dual feedback modulator. This allows the amplifier to be fully balanced from input to output, through the use of bridged GaN power stages.

Technology based on semiconductors made of gallium nitride (GaN) ensures that the Starkrimson audio power amplifiers can switch at approximately 800 kHz, which is two to three times faster than traditional class D amplifiers using silicon transistors. This very fast circuit allows the use of a simple LC filter (coil and capacitor), giving the amplifier virtually no phase shift from DC (0 Hz) to 30 kHz. As Ayzenshtat emphasizes: “The filter is a very important part of a Class D amplifier and the Starkrimson amplifiers use oversized, very high-quality, oxygen-free copper (OFC) coils and a very high-quality film capacitor.20240605170508 2024 06

The key features of the new Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium start in its uncompromising power, with a staggering 2500 Watts (500 Watts peak) into four Ohms, driving even the most demanding speakers effortlessly. And because these amplifiers operate in Class D and use GaN semiconductors, they are small and light, create almost no heat and are very stable from 1 ohm to 16 ohms. The fully balanced design from input to output minimizes noise and distortion, preserving the natural detail and nuance of the music, according to Orchard Audio.

The housing of the Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium is made of brushed black aluminum. The Orchard brand name and logo are engraved on the top. The amplifier does not seem to want to stand out. The dimensions are 31 x 35.3 x 11.6 centimeters and the Starkrimson Mono Ultra Premium weighs 5.9 kilograms.

Price and delivery information

Orchard Audio’s website states that deliveries will begin in September 2024 at a price of $2,500 each (two copies are required for stereo). Anyone who orders now will receive an introductory discount of $350.

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