OSD DAC-X200: Audiophile Graded Hi Definition DAC

OSD Audio has unveiled its latest amplifier: the DAC-X-200, priced at $300. This new model serves as an enhanced successor to the previous year’s DAC-X-100, boasting an increased output of 100W per channel (RMS into 8 ohms) from the earlier 2x50W.

The DAC-X-200 integrates a Class AB amplifier with a top-tier DAC within a sleek, compact frame measuring 17 inches in width, 10 inches in depth, and a mere 2 inches in height.

This model features a built-in DAC of reference-grade quality, specifically designed to surpass the inferior DACs typically found in computers and streaming devices. It includes a USB Type A input that supports Class 2 audio, facilitating the transmission of high-resolution audio from a computer to the device’s onboard ESS ES9018K2M SABRE32 DAC. This DAC supports PCM up to 32-bit, 384 kHz, and DSD up to 11.2 MHz, ensuring exceptional audio quality. Additionally, the amplifier offers an optical digital input and two RCA analog inputs, allowing for easy connection to various audio sources like TVs and active streaming speakers.

With the capability to deliver 200W into 4 ohms, the DAC-X-200 can also be set to a 320W mono mode, making it a versatile choice for high-end audio setups. It’s designed to function well in stereo and distributed audio systems across the home, featuring two sets of speaker outputs with A/B switching on the front panel and automatic source selection between analog and digital inputs.

A practical application of the DAC-X-200 includes connecting it to a TV as the primary audio source, which triggers the amplifier to automatically power on and route audio to the speakers. If a music source is connected to the secondary “Interrupt” input, the amplifier will seamlessly switch to this input upon detecting a signal, then revert to the TV audio when the music ends.

The front panel of the DAC-X-200 includes controls for volume and balance, while the rear panel houses separate volume controls for each channel and adjustments for bass and treble, providing users with comprehensive control over their audio experience.

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