Pioneer PD-50AE
Pioneer PD-50AE
Pioneer PD-50AE

Pioneer PD-50AE: SACD player that supports a wide range of media and formats

The Pioneer PD-50AE SACD player supports a wide range of media and formats, including MQA. Pioneer’s extensive experience in manufacturing optical disc devices has enabled this player to incorporate original grip control technologies and a low-noise anti-vibration drive mechanism into this player. And thanks to the ESS ES9026PRO DAC and analog-to-digital discrete power circuit, the Pioneer PD-50AE model provides studio-quality, high-quality sound reproduction.

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The Pioneer PD-50AE combines Pioneer’s wealth of experience and expertise in optical disc playback with read control technologies to deliver an unrivaled degree of read accuracy. The drive housing housing, which protects the DAC and other electronic components, has a honeycomb design similar to the mechanical surface of Pioneer’s famous PD-70AE, but the Pioneer PD-50AE features a new floating drive design. A special electrolytic capacitor for high quality audio was selected after repeated listening to CDs and SACDs. The capacitor performed best when playing audio CDs, consistently delivering powerful and dynamic sound.

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The Pioneer PD-50AE is not only an SACD/CD player, but also a USB-enabled digital-to-analog converter that delivers superior audio quality. The carefully thought-out design unleashes the full potential of the high-performance ESS DAC, allowing you to enjoy the purest sound with a high degree of detail when connecting USB devices. Each digital and analog circuit has its own discrete power supply. The Pioneer PD-50AE is designed with the most optimal power supply, as well as a short signal path for clear and powerful sound.

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The Pioneer PD-50AE is a CD player that supports the MQA-CD format. The built-in MQA decoder automatically recreates the high-resolution studio signal and validates it with a verification signature. In addition, the Pioneer PD-50AE plays MQA files from DVD-R discs. MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers master-level audio quality. The MQA master file is fully verified and is a suitable size for streaming or downloading. MQA is one of the supported file formats in the Masters catalog of high-quality media streaming service TIDAL, demonstrating a growing trend towards greater adoption of this new technology. Some major studios have already converted their music catalogs to MQA format. The Pioneer PD-50AE is equipped with a full MQA decoder, providing the highest sound quality. This playback format allows you to enjoy studio-quality sound.

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