Primare PRE60
Primare PRE60
Primare PRE60

Primare PRE60: Reference preamplifier operating in dual mono mode

The Primare PRE60 is designed to work with any high-end power amplifier. It pairs especially well with our reference Primare A60 power amplifier. With the release of these new products, Primare is reclaiming its place in the high-end audio segment. The classic design we’ve been using for 20 years, high-quality components, unmatched streaming audio quality and a new two-tone finish.

By combining our traditional quality, analog circuitry and digital audio processing, we have created products that are far superior to the 30 Series and take Primare to a new level of audiophile sound quality.

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The Primare PRE60 uses the sophisticated OLED display and control system found in the EISA award-winning Primare I32 integrated amplifier. The case is made of steel (front panel thickness 15 mm), there are 2 pairs of balanced XLR inputs, as well as 4 pairs of RCA inputs. In addition, there are 2 pairs of RCA and XLR outputs, a recording output, RS232, and a relay output. The remote control can be controlled using an infrared port or via radio frequencies.

The built-in DAC/media card offers audio streaming capabilities, as well as USB or iPod connectivity. The device can transmit audio files from the Internet, network storage or PC with a sampling frequency of up to 24 bit/192 kHz, as well as Internet radio. When connected via a digital input, you can receive a signal from CD players, smartphones, portable players, etc.

All signal paths are fully balanced and designed according to the shortest path type. Everything related to the signal (selecting a source, adjusting volume and balance) is done exclusively in analog form. The signal received at the unbalanced inputs is converted to balanced using operational amplifiers.

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Burr Brown OPA2134 and routed to the volume control system, which uses NJW1195 balanced attenuators. Source selection is carried out using high quality relays.

The four balanced connectors are completely separate from each other and each has its own circuit board, which is connected to the PRE60 main board, which uses ultra-short signal traces, MOSFETs, MELF resistors and polypropylene capacitors.

Active currents are used instead of passive currents.

The fully balanced DAC stage uses a Crystal DSD DAC CS4398 chip (the same as the DAC30). Its feature is improved output buffering. For clean signal transfer, the connection between the analog preamp stage and the media board is made using gold-plated connectors.

The Primare PRE60 is completely DC isolated from input to output. There is not a single capacitor in the signal path. Instead, the device uses active DC servos, which eliminate DC from the output stage.

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The front panel control buttons are completely isolated from the analog part of the PRE60. All electronic components are located between the front panel and the main body of the device.

In terms of electrical energy consumption, the PRE60 is a very economical device – only 0.2 W in standby mode. To avoid high-frequency interference that comes from the power supply that powers the device in standby mode, this unit is turned off when the PRE60 enters operating mode.

Primare PRE60 Features

Custom U-core transformer for ultra-quiet operation
43,000 mF capacitive power supply bank
Separate power supplies for analog preamp stage and media board
Quad layer board with shortest path traces and optimal grounding
Quality MELF resistors (1%)
The signal coming from the unbalanced inputs is converted to balanced
Power supply with discrete regulator for the analog part
Possibility to change the signal level by 6 dB
2 pairs of XLR output connectors (Neutrik)
2 pairs of RCA output connectors (Nextgen)
Switching power supply
Heavy-duty housing, front panel thickness 15 mm

Media board

Fully balanced DAC stage on Crystal DSD DAC chips (same as DAC30)
Improved output signal buffering
Gold-plated connectors on boards

Technical characteristics of PRE60

Analog inputs: 2 pairs of XLR and 4 pairs of RCA connectors
Other inputs/outputs: RS232, IR input/output, relay input/output, RF.
Input impedance: 15k on RCA and XLR
Recording output 1 pair of RCA connectors
Pre-amp output 2 pairs of RCA and 2 pairs of XLR connectors
Output impedance 110 ohms
Frequency response 20Hz – 100kHz -3dB
THD < 0.003%, 20Hz – 100kHz,.
Signal-to-noise ratio: -115 dBV
Standby power consumption: 0.5 W; in operating mode: maximum 38 W
Dimensions (WxDxH) 430 x 385 x 142 mm

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