Pro-Ject Audio Connect-It: New family of hi-fi cables


The Connect-It family consists of signal cables and speaker cables and has four families, increasing in price, namely the E-cable, S-cable, DS cable and RS cable. Pro-Ject supplies the signal cables with cinch plugs, XLR plugs or a combination.

Pro-Ject Audio Connect-It E-cable: entry-level cable

Pro-Ject’s new cable series starts with the Connect-It E-cable. The cable has a tinned copper shield, 99.99% OFC conductors (OFC = Oxygen Free Copper) covered with transparent PVC and gold-plated brass plugs.

Pro-Ject’s goal with the E-cable was to offer a neutral audiophile cable at a reasonable price. The cable is offered with various plugs, including cinch, 5-pin DIN and XLR.

Pro-Ject Audio Connect-It S cable

The Connect-It S cable also has an OFC conductor with a thermoplastic elastomer sheath and OFC shielding. Insulation material is made of polyethylene, similar to the Connect-It E.

The speaker cable is covered with transparent PVC with an S-sheath and uses four bare copper conductors of 0.75 mm2. The Connect-It S cables have gold-plated phosphor bronze plugs for durable and trouble-free operation. These cables are also available with different plugs.

Pro-Ject Audio Connect-It DS Cable

The Connect-It DS is the third cable in the series, made in Europe with higher quality materials. The cable is sheathed with special halogen-free TPE, an OFC spiral with conductive TPE sub-sheath shielding and conductors made of 99.99% OFC. The dielectric used for the DS cable is a special polyethylene with flexible cells.

The speaker cable has transparent PVC and a DS sheath, with eight 0.75 mm2 solid copper conductors

All plugs in the DS line feature silver-plated signal pins, which provide low contact resistance and high conductivity.

Pro-Ject Audio Connect-It RS Cable: Flagship cable

The Connect-It RS is the flagship cable, with a halogen-free TPE jacket, silver-plated OFC helix shielding with carbon sub-jacket and matching crystal silver conductors. Made in Europe, the cables feature rhodium-plated copper signal pins covered by a non-conductive carbon housing. The dielectric used for the RS cable is the same flexible cell polyethylene as in the DS cable.

The speaker cable incorporates high-purity OCC copper produced using a vertical vacuum casting technique and is used in the Connect-It RS LS speaker cable in a four-core configuration.

Pro-Ject Audio Connect-It: prices and delivery information

Prices for the Connect-It E start at 30 euros, for the Connect-It S at 80 euros and Connect-It DS cables start at 140 euros. The flagship Connect-It RS cables start from just under 500 euros.


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