Questyle M15i
Questyle M15i
Questyle M15i

Questyle M15i: High-performance portable USB DAC/AMP

Questyle has introduced the all-new M15i , a high-performance portable USB DAC/AMP designed for everyday use . The M15i boasts impressive audio performance thanks to the high-end ES9281AC DAC chipset developed in conjunction with ESS Saber Technologies. It uses two independent, patented CMA (Current Mode Amplification) SiP modules to provide powerful and clear output suitable for both sensitive and demanding headphones.

Questyle M15i

Questyle M15i completely restores the essence and magic of true lossless sound. Featuring a high-end ES9281AC 32-bit DAC chipset, the M15i provides users with impressive audio performance. The sound here is transparent and dynamic, with clear and crisp output.

Questyle M15i supports high-resolution PCM and DSD audio decoding. The Questyle features an enhanced USB processor that supports decoding of 32-bit/768 kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals. This is a major upgrade over the previous generation M15.

Questyle M15i

Features of Questyle M15i:

  • High-end DAC based on ES9281AC.
  • Supports Hi-Res 32-bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD512 audio signals.
  • Two independent SiP CMA amplifier modules.
  • Outstanding performance with ultra-low distortion.
  • High SNR and DNR performance.
  • Two gain levels.
  • Two headphone outputs (3.5 mm+4.4 mm).
  • High output power.
  • Low-power TOREX Power chipset