Quloos QA662
Quloos QA662
Quloos QA662

Quloos QA662: Network transport and digital interface

Quloos QA662 is a comprehensive upgrade launched on the basis of QA661. The new product is available in two versions – with the Internet via an Ethernet connector and without it.

Quloos QA662

Since the QA661 was introduced in 2015 and discontinued in 2019, research and development of the QA662 has continued for many years. Through years of research and development, we have continually challenged the upper limit of sound and gradually created the sound quality we are proud of today. Quloos QA662 focuses on providing pure digital audio output without analog.

The initial goal is to improve the quality of digital audio output on a user’s system using QA662 to provide an upper limit to the audio quality from the source. Therefore, the QA662 cannot be directly connected to an analog amplifier and must be paired with a DAC decoder or other equipment that supports digital audio input. We firmly believe that it is because QA662 focuses on superior digital audio output performance that digital audio quality can be raised to new heights.

Quloos QA662

Features of Quloos QA662
01. Five input modes: pure tone playback, USB interface, webcast, Bluetooth input and coaxial input.
02. All digital outputs: 12S, RCA coaxial, BNC coaxial and Word clock, optical fiber, AES.
03. Professional clock processing: S15341 professional phase.kxked loop ensures clock accuracy and low phase
04.Hi.End local crystal oscillator: AS 338 crystal oscillator. 3gts urra.low jitter. enough to get good sound.
05. Clock scalability: Supports 10m input signal and global signal through professional phase-locked loop.
loop L
06. Independent linear power supply: dual power supply realizes three-way linear power supply, and the audio part is iS
Od and powered independently
07. Tourth generation power supply circuit: 36 high-performance chips realize 26 groups 0′ power inter-.
Torenko and independent nutrition.
08. High Cost Power Supply ICs: Several expensive power supply ICs such as LTaoas improve power quality.
09. Uncompromising pure tonal reproduction: The single-chip microcomputer’s simple ptogram architecture takes signal purity to new heights.
Signal purity to new heights,
10. Enhanced USJ Interface: Combined 384 interface for comprehensive clock, power and signal optimization.
Network broadcasting With amazing sound quality: independent line power. high precision calibration.
and a revived sound.
12 Bluetooth, comparable to wired high-definition Bluetooth reception with deep optimized sound comparable to “red” connection.
with a “red” connection.
13. Practical coaxial input: Convert the coaxial input signal to improve the coaxial output quality of other equipment.
14 Lack of short circuit in the power supply circuit: search of sockets, switches, switches, internal lines and boxes.
15. Smart layout at any cost: intelligent coordination of various parts at key nodes to optimize
sound quality

Price : $1299

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