Rega Aura Reference MC
Rega Aura Reference MC
Rega Aura Reference MC

Rega Aura Reference MC: Perfectly balanced phono stage

Rega has introduced the Aura Reference MC phono stage, which, as stated in the description, will allow you to get the best results from the MC head. The device is distinguished by flexible settings of a wide variety of parameters and balanced circuitry.

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First, the signal passes through the input amplifier stage, built according to a balanced circuit in class A: it uses field-effect transistors from Linear Systems in parallel connection. With field-effect transistors, as the developers explain, there will be no bias current in the cartridge coil – accordingly, the thin magnetic geometry of the cartridge will not be disturbed. Next, the signal passes through a differential amplifier, also balanced and operating in class A. The topology of the third section is similar to the topology of the second, only it inverts the signal for a balanced output.

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The phono stage allows you to adjust the degree of signal amplification: 69.5 dB and 63.5 dB are available with sensitivity of 67 μV and 131 μV for an output signal level of 200 mV in unbalanced mode and 400 mV in balanced version. Five input capacitance options are available: 1000 pF, 2000 pF, 3200 pF, 4300 pF and 5700 pF. The 1000pF capacitance is suitable for Rega MC heads. There are also five input load options: 50 Ohm, 100 Ohm, 150 Ohm, 300 Ohm and 400 Ohm. For convenience, there are buttons to turn off the sound and work in mono mode with a stereo cartridge.

Rega Aura Reference MC Specifications

Oscillator source impedance 20 ohms (Audio Precision Z Out)
Load set to 100 ohms and capacitance set to 1000 pF (Apheta and Aphelion)
Output load impedance 100 kohms (Audio Precision Z In)

Input sensitivity for 200 mV on unbalanced output
67 µV – 69.5 dB Gain setting I
131 µV – 63.5 dB Gain setting II

Input gain on unbalanced output
63.5 dB Minimum
69.5 dB Maximum

Input load: 50, 100, 150, 300 and 400 ohms

Capacitive load: 1000, 2000, 3200, 4300, 5700 pF

Input overload at 1 kHz
9.6 mV – gain setting 63.5 dB
4.9 mV – gain setting 69.5 dB

Nominal output level

Unbalanced 200 mV
Balanced 400 mV
Maximum Output Level
Unbalanced 14.5 Vrms
Balanced 29 Vrms
Output Connections
Balanced XLR connectors pin 2 positive and pin 3 negative.
The positive connection of pin2 on the balanced output is the same as on the unbalanced output.

Output impedance
unbalanced 100 ohms
balanced 200 ohms

Absolute minimum output load impedance (for -3 dB roll-off at 20 Hz)
500 ohms Unbalanced
1000 ohms Unbalanced
RIAA accuracy (better than)
0.2 dB 100 Hz to 50 kHz

Frequency response from : 13.5 Hz (–3 dB) to 100 kHz (–0.2 dB)

THD: Typical 0.03% at 1 V 20 Hz 20 kHz (bandwidth 100 Hz to 22 kHz)

Output noise level (unbalanced output , A-weighted and 15 ohm input load)
-77 dBV (gain setting 69.5 dB I)
-82 dB (gain setting 63.5 dB II)

Mains power: 230 V and nominal voltage 115 V +/- 10 %

Power consumption: 15.3 W

Weight: 13 kg

Dimensions (H x W x D): 435 mm x 350 mm x 88 mm