Rega Fono MC
Rega Fono MC
Rega Fono MC

Rega Fono: Balanced and dynamic phono stage

Rega Fono is a phono stage that comes in two versions, MM and MC, which are designed to work with the corresponding type of pickups. The audio path of this device is built entirely on discrete elements, and the cast metal body of the device protects sensitive electronic circuits from external noise.

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The parameters of the Fono MM phono stage are optimized to work with Rega turntables and the pickups they use. The Fono MC offers customizable input parameters, but both devices are suitable for use with many models of modern heads. The phono preamplifier features an extended frequency response, reduced noise floor, and accurate RIAA equalization. Thanks to its small dimensions and discreet functional design, Fono MM/Rega Fono MC can be installed either in close proximity to a vinyl player or in any rack with Hi-Fi equipment.

To power the device, an external high-power AC adapter is used, the incoming voltage from which is rectified, filtered and stabilized inside the phono stage. High-quality RCA connectors are used to connect to the player and amplifier, and a screw terminal is also provided for grounding the device. On the front panel of the device there is a single power button, complemented by a corresponding LED indicator.

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Rega Fono MM/Rega Fono MC has a very balanced and dynamic sound, with pleasant, slightly convex mids and fairly deep bass. This phono preamplifier is recommended for use not only with entry-level players, but also with quite serious models, and its sound quality is much superior to that provided by phono preamplifiers built into even quite expensive models of integrated amplifiers. Connecting this unit to a system where a vinyl player is used as a sound source allows you to raise the sound quality one step higher, which, given the rather modest cost of the Rega Fono MM/Rega Fono MC, is very tempting.

Characteristics of Rega Fono MC

Phono stage type MC
Input sensitivity 3 mV
Input impedance 47 kOhm
Output voltage 200 mV
Output impedance 36 kOhm
Frequency range 17 Hz – 100 kHz
Power supply External (not included)
Weight 1.8 kg