Rockna Wavelight
Rockna Wavelight
Rockna Wavelight

Rockna Wavelight: Shares, Streams And Stores All The World’s Music

Founded in 1999, Rockna from Romania has released the new Wavelight model, a music server that when paired with the company’s preamplifier/DAC can do wonders.

The Wavelight server, which can have music storage from 2 TB to 16 TB. Wavelight can be used with Roon, it can not only be used as a Roon Bridge, but also as a Roon Core. But that’s not all Rockna’s Wavelight also supports MPD and LMS (Logitech Media Server), can stream as a UPnP renderer, and supports AirPlay and HQplayer NAA. In addition, direct integration of common streaming services is in full swing, as well as support for Internet radio, CD ripping, and auto-correct space equalization features.

On the back of the device there is an I2S, USB-A, optical, coaxial and AES/EBU connection. There is also an RJ45 socket for connecting it to the home network, and it also has two USB-A ports for external storage media.

In terms of power, Rockna relies on linear power supplies, one for the memory module and CPU, and the other with its own toroidal transformer for the main clock and the FPGA-based audio management section. The CPU is controlled by a manufacturer-optimized Linux operating system.

The device is controlled via a browser (bowser) or application (app). It allows the user to manage memory, resampling, encoding parameters, I2S output settings, etc. Both the Wavelight OS and the FPGA component can be updated over the Internet and are therefore future-proof, according to the manufacturer.

The Rockna Wavelight server is available in silver or black with prices between 6,000 euros for the 2 TB version and 7,500 euros for the 16 TB version.

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