Rogers E20a II Tube Amplifier – Oversized output transformers and optional phono stage

The British company Rogers UK, known for its modern version of the classic BBC LS3 / 5a monitors, has announced an updated version of their Rogers E20a II tube amplifier. The first appearance of the E20a was in the mid-90s. The amplifier now features anodized metal body panels, including an 18mm bezel and a perforated curved grill.

Together they protect the improved Class A circuitry with 6L6GT beam tetrode output stages. The production of these lamps began as early as 1935.

The output power of the Rogers E20a II reaches 18W per channel. The amplifier received enlarged output transformers, silver-plated speaker cable terminals and mechanically decoupled fasteners of the internal parts.

The amplifier version can be selected from two options: with a built-in phono stage based on a pair of 12AX7 input tubes or without it. In this case, there are three pairs of linear RCA inputs on board.

Pricing for the Rogers UK E20a II has yet to be announced.

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