Rotel CD11
Rotel CD11
Rotel CD11

Rotel CD11: A simple and intuitive CD Player

The Rotel CD11 CD player complements the new 14 Series with the clean design lines of a full-size cabinet. The model has simple, intuitive controls and is equipped with a high-performance power supply. The Rotel CD11 player has a low harmonic distortion coefficient, a high signal-to-noise ratio and good channel separation, which has a positive effect on its sound quality.

rotel cd 11 4.jpg

The Rotel CD11 model continues the proud traditions of the brand and is equipped with a well-designed linear power supply that ensures high voltage stability. The precision drive supports playback of regular CDs, CD-R/RW and recorded MP3 files, and the digital-to-analog conversion is handled by a high-quality chip manufactured by Texas Instruments. In the process of working on the digital and analog circuits of the model, the proprietary Balanced Design concept was used, which provides for careful selection/checking of components, improved layout of printed circuit boards, as well as numerous listening tests.

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Thanks to this rational technical approach, it was possible to achieve good results and provide high sound quality with excellent detail. The model has a stylish metal body with a front aluminum panel, which is made in the concept of “clean design” and is equipped with anti-vibration support legs. In the central part of the facade, directly above the drive loading tray, there is an LCD display with a pleasant backlight, the brightness of which can be adjusted.

Rotel CD11 in a grey finish

The player is controlled using a standard remote control. In addition to the usual linear analog RCA output, the Rotel CD11 is equipped with a digital coaxial output connector, to which you can connect an external DAC and turn this model into a high-quality CD transport.

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On board there is also an RS-232 interface for integration into a complex control and automation system, a trigger input and a Rotel Link proprietary bus socket, thanks to which you can “command” the device using the Rotel App (available for download on the iTunes Store), but for It requires a bus connection to certain Rotel components, such as the T14 tuner or A14 amplifier.

Rotel CD11 specs:

Supported formats CD, CD-R/RW, CD-recorded files MP3
Texas Instruments DAC (24 bit/192 kHz)
Display brightness adjustment yes
Output voltage 0.5 V (coaxial output)
Output impedance 470 Ohms (linear analog output ), 75 ohms (digital coaxial output)
Harmonic distortion 0.005% (1 kHz)
Intermodulation distortion 0.005% (1 kHz)
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz (± 0.5 dB)
Channel balance ± 0.5 dB
Channel separation more than 115 dB (10 kHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio more than 125 dB
Dynamic range more than 99 dB
Outputs line RCA, coaxial
Other switching system bus input Rotel Link, trigger input (12 V), RS-232 interface
Remote control RR-D99
Power consumption 15 W , standby: less than 0.5 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 430x98x314 mm
Weight 5.8 kg