Rotel DT-6000
Rotel DT-6000
Rotel DT-6000

Rotel DT-6000: Anniversary Edition CD Player

The Rotel DT-6000 CD player, released for the company’s 60th anniversary, received a number of improvements that distinguish it from its predecessors. First of all, the changes affected the topology of the circuits, which were optimized in order to obtain a cleaner, more accurate and detailed sound. At the same time, the developers borrowed some technical solutions from models from older Rotel lines. To a large extent, the improvement in sound quality was facilitated by carefully selected premium components through numerous listening tests, including precision capacitors, and new printed circuit board layout technologies made it possible to minimize noise levels and reduce distortion.


The modernization also affected digital-to-analog conversion. Instead of the Wolfson (24-bit/192 kHz) DAC found in its predecessor, the Rotel DT-6000 uses a more advanced 32-bit ESS Saber ES9028PRO chip, configured to provide 4 mono DACs each for the left and right channels. Parallel processing of digital signal streams allows you to extract the finest nuances of sound with high clarity and detail at exceptionally low noise levels.


The printed circuit boards are electrically and physically isolated, eliminating unwanted noise and distortion. Analogue and digital circuits, as well as the turntable function control circuit and the electric motor circuit are powered from separate transformer windings. The model is equipped with a high-precision CD drive mechanism with a new set of controller chips. This ensures smooth, accurate operation of the loading tray. Above the tray is a two-line display. The player allows you to connect to an amplifier not only using a conventional unbalanced RCA output, but also through balanced XLR connectors, which help get cleaner sound with less distortion.


There is also a digital coaxial output for an external DAC on board, so the Rotel DT-6000 can be used as a CD transport. The DAC outputs are fed to specially designed, fully balanced differential filters with carefully tuned audio components for extremely realistic audio reproduction. The Rotel DT-6000 is powered by a custom in-house shielded toroidal transformer with low stray magnetic fields and high-efficiency perforated smoothing capacitors. This provides independent, isolated, low-noise power to all critical circuits, further reducing noise and distortion.


The Rotel DT-6000 features a PC-USB input that supports playback of MQA and DSD audio formats, and can play 32-bit/384 kHz PCM music files via coaxial and optical inputs, supports music streamers and media players, and even has a CD loading mechanism with tray for maximum playback flexibility. An IR socket, a trigger input, a proprietary bus connector and an RS-232 interface are also integrated into the rear panel of the case. The kit includes a standard remote control.

Characteristics of Rotel DT-6000

Supported formats CD, CD-R/RW, CD-recorded files MP3
PC-USB Audio Class 2 (up to 32-bit/384kHz), DSD (up to 11.2M) and DoP, MQA and MQA Studio (up to 24-bit/384kHz)
Roon Tested
Display brightness adjustment yes
Output voltage/impedance 2.2 V/100 Ohm (RCA), 4.5 V/200 Ohm (XLR), 0.5 V/75 Ohm ( coaxial output)
Harmonic distortion 0.0035% (1 kHz)
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz (± 0.5 dB)
Channel balance >± 0.5 dB
Channel separation more than 118 dB (10 kHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio more than 118 dB
Dynamic range more than 99 dB
Outputs linear RCA, balanced XLR, coaxial S/PDIF
Inputs USB type A, USB type B
Other switching Rotel Link system bus input, trigger input (12 V), RS-232 interface
Remote control RR-D99 Power
consumption power 15 W, in standby mode: less than 0.5 W
Dimensions (WHD) 431x104x320 mm
Weight 8.1 kg

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