SMSL D6S: State-of-the-art desktop DAC with Bluetooth

SMSL D6S is a state-of-the-art desktop DAC based on the latest generation, top-class 32-bit ES9039Q2M decoding chip. SMSL D6S is also MQA and MQA-CD certified. The SMSL uses a third-generation XMOS XU316 16-core USB processor that delivers exceptional asynchronized USB performance. D6S also features Bluetooth wireless connectivity, supporting Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity with wireless protocols LDAC, AptX, AptX HD, etc.


The DAC uses the 8-channel ES9039Q2M decoding chipset, which provides crystal clear audio decoding with class-leading distortion and high SNR.

In addition to the premium DAC chip, a third-generation XMOS XU316 16-core USB processor is installed. It provides decoding of high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signals. The D6S supports PCM audio signals up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD512. Additionally, MQA decoding is supported on all other inputs except Bluetooth. The D6S also has coaxial and optical SPDIF digital outputs.

SMSL D6S is equipped with high definition wireless Bluetooth connection. The device supports Bluetooth V5.1 wireless connection with high-definition codecs LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, SBC, AAC, etc.


Features of SMSL D6S:

  • DAC chip: ES9039Q2M.
  • Certified according to MQA and MQA-CD standards.
  • Four high-end OPA1612 OPAMP.
  • USB processor XMOS XU316.
  • Supports 32-Bit/768kHz PCM & Native DSD512 decoding.
  • Ultra-clear sound with low distortion and high SNR.
  • Supports high definition Bluetooth inputs.
  • LDAC, AptX protocols are supported.
  • Built-in low noise power supply of our own design.
  • Gold-plated input and output connectors.
  • Fully functional remote control.

Characteristics of SMSL D6S:

  • THD+N: 0.00006%
  • Output Power: 5 Vrms(XLR), 2.5 Vrms(RCA)
  • DNR: 129 dB(XLR), 126 dB(RCA)
  • SNR: 129 dB(XLR), 126 dB(RCA)
  • Input Ports: USB, Coaxial, Optical, Bluetooth
  • Power consumption: <10W
  • Standby consumption: <0.5W
  • Dimensions: 150x42x128.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.59 kg