SMSL VMV D1se2: Stationary DAC on ES9039MS Pro chip

The Chinese company SMSL has released an updated version of its stationary DAC on the ES9039MS Pro chip with support for Bluetooth 5.0 VMV D1se2 .


The SMSL VMV D1se2 is an upgrade to the high-end VMV D1se desktop DAC. The D1se2 core chip has been upgraded, now you get the benefits of ES9039MS Pro, ESS Saber’s latest flagship DAC chip, implemented in eight-channel parallel design with 11 high-grade dual OPAMPs, nichicon KG capacitors, CK-03 low jitter clock generator to ensure exceptionally high precision sound. The VMV D1se2 has built-in MQA and MQA-CD decoding, bringing true studio audio to your circuit.

The latest flagship DAC from ESS Saber Technologies is here…
The SMSL VMV D1se2 uses the ES9039MS Pro, the latest flagship from ESS Saber Technologies. This 32-bit DAC delivers clear, detailed audio with class-leading distortion and high dynamic range. Experience a whole new level of detail and stunning sound with the VMV D1se2 in your circuit.


Full high-resolution audio decoding
SMSL VMV D1se2 uses the 16-core third generation XMOS XU316 USB processor chipset. It provides full high-resolution audio transmission with support for 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals. VMV D1se2 will provide you with clear and crisp sound thanks to its support for high-resolution audio decoding.

MQA & MQA-CD Certified
Not limited to PCM and DSD signals, the SMSL VMV D1se2 is fully certified for MQA and MQA-CD studio quality audio decoding. The DAC truly unpacks and decodes master-quality audio files and gives listeners a pure studio experience.

Eight-channel parallel circuit.
To ensure high quality sound, the SMSL VMV D1se2 uses an eight-channel parallel audio circuit consisting of 11 sets of dual OPAMPs with premium nichikon KG capacitors and a CK-03 ultra-low jitter clock circuit. SMSL VMV D1se2 is a true flagship DAC that guarantees listeners the highest sound quality.

High Definition Bluetooth Communications
The SMSL VMV D1se2 uses the latest generation Bluetooth processor from Qualcomm. It provides high-definition Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with support for high-definition codecs including LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, SBC and AAC. Simply feed the high-resolution audio signal to the DAC wirelessly via your smartphone.

Built-in linear power supply
The SMSL VMV D1se2 has a built-in linear power supply. It is made using the British NORA-TEL toroidal transformer. It provides clear, accurate sound with low audio noise.


Not only great sound, but also great looks
SMSL has designed the D1se2 with an exquisite finish. The DAC features a colorful display screen on the front panel and a high-quality CNC machined all-aluminum monoblock chassis. It looks like a piece of art and greatly enhances the appearance of your desktop computer. The VMV D1se2 also has adjustable legs for easy placement.

Characteristics of SMSL VMV D1se2 :

Characteristics of SMSL VMV D1se2

Price: $720

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