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T+A A 200: Powerful class D power amplifier

T+A A 200
T+A A 200

The T+A A 200 power amplifier has undergone the greatest number of design changes compared to its predecessor T+A AMP 8. The tip is designed for joint use with the T+A DAC 200, but no one bothers to use it independently. The product turned out to be self-sufficient and very interesting. And now you will understand why we think so.


In addition to the laconic design, which now corresponds to the midi format, the device has barely noticeable radiator grilles, and they are not here for beauty. In fact, we have a small monster in front of us. This compact amplifier is capable of delivering up to 250W of power into a 4 ohm load, which of course results in corresponding heat dissipation. But there is no need to be afraid. T+A A 200 does not need to be kept in the freezer. The output stage is built on highly efficient digital PURIFI modules from the Danish company of the same name. Their task simply boils down to creating the world’s best amplifier module in class D. Considering that one of the founders of PURIFI is Bruno Putzeys, who first developed UCD amplifier modules for Philips, and then created them for Hypex the Ncore line, which is still considered the standard among digital audio amplifiers. It’s not difficult to imagine to what perfection Bruno and his equally titled colleagues from PURIFI brought their inventions.

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As it turned out, it was not enough for German engineers from T+A to use an advanced industry solution, so they flavored the output stage from PURIFI with a proprietary high-voltage package (High Voltage), which in theory takes the T+A A 200 to some completely prohibitive technical level.


Among the interesting features it is worth noting: the choice of the degree of damping of the speaker systems, which will allow you to keep heavy-duty speakers “in check” or, on the contrary, loosen your grip when working with lighter speakers; the presence of an A/B switch for two pairs of speaker systems, obviously for organizing Bi-Wiring; Also, in addition to the RCA and XLR inputs, on the rear panel you can see an XLR output, which, as you might guess, is provided for connecting a second power amplifier and organizing full Bi-Amping or increasing the total power.

Characteristics T+AA 200

Number of channels 2
Power 8 Ohm, W 2 x 125
Power 4 Ohm, W 2 x 250
Frequency range, Hz-kHz 1 – 60
S/N ratio, dB 113
Harmonic distortion, % 0.002
Input impedance 5.8 / 20 kOhm (RCA/XLR)
Sensitivity, dB 800 mV / 1.6 V (RCA/XLR)
Channel separation, dB 103
Damping factor 800


Analog audio 1 x RCA, 1 x XLR
Others 1 x SYS-LINK


Analog audio 1 x XLR
Acoustic 4 pairs
Others 1 x SYS-LINK
Power consumption, W 600
Supply voltage, V 200 – 240
Dimensions, mm 320 x 340 x 100
Weight, kg 5

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