Teac PE-505
Teac PE-505

Teac PE-505 – Fully balanced Phono amplifier

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The Japanese company Teac Corporation, since its inception, offers a number of excellent audio products, as they offer the best, modern technology, but at the same time a unique design reminiscent of the heyday of hi-fi. These product lines include the Teac 505 reference series.

The new Teac PE-505 fully balanced Phono amplifier, once again conveys the charm of a vintage hi-fi solution, using a solid aluminum frame with a matte surface on the front and two separate frames. The whole frame rests on solid metal legs. The rotary selectors are also made of metal, as are the high-quality toggle buttons and switches. A discreetly lit VU meter is located in the center.

The new Teac PE-505 is designed for both MM and MC systems and, as the name suggests, the developers have chosen a fully symmetrical circuit design, which is dual monophonic with full differential input / output circuits.

The Teac PE-505 has not only RCA connectors as inputs, but also XLR sockets for balanced signal routing in MC receiver systems. This also applies to the output side, with a pair of RCA sockets and a pair of XLR connectors.

In Teac PE-505 all parameters / options are directly accessible from the front panel. The impedance can be selected just as easily for MM heads as for MC heads, simply by means of a rotary encoder framed by an LED ring displaying the current value. Available values ​​are 10, 22, 47, 100, 220, 470 Ohm and 1 kOhm, and 0, 100, 220 and 330 pF. The gain can be selected between High and Low via a toggle switch. In addition, the new Teac PE-505 supports a wide range of balancing techniques, including the highly accurate RIAA balancing, as well as the DECCA and Columbia equations, so that even older vinyls from the 1950s and 1960s can be played. flawlessly.

The new Teac PE-505 was first introduced at CES 2020. It will be available from the beginning of December 2020 and there will be a choice between a silver or black finish.

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