The best turntables and speakers for the WiiM Amp

To complete the WiiM Amp experience, all you need are speakers and maybe a turntable. We have selected three models that fit the WiiM Amp perfectly. The new WiiM Amp already offers almost everything...

The best turntables and speakers for the WiiM Amp
The best turntables and speakers for the WiiM Amp

To complete the WiiM Amp experience, all you need are speakers and maybe a turntable. We have selected three models that fit the WiiM Amp perfectly.

The new WiiM Amp already offers almost everything you need to enjoy music. Only a few speakers inevitably have to be purchased, although the low price of the WiiM allows a lot of flexibility in the overall budget, but the high performance and excellent sound for the price also recommend choosing high-quality speakers.

If you want to listen to records in addition to digitally streamed music, you also need a suitable record player. Since the WiiM Amp itself does not have a built-in phono preamplifier , we recommend choosing a model with a built-in phono preamplifier .

The best speakers for the WiiM Amp

Thanks to its compact dimensions, wireless operation and relatively high performance values, the WiiM Amp is a very flexible playing partner and can be paired with a wide variety of speakers. We picked out three models from Triangle, Klipsch and DALI.

Triangle Borea BR03

Triangle Borea BR03
Triangles Borea BR03 is equipped with front-facing bass reflex ports, which can make setup a little easier.

Borea BR03 is the larger of two compact models in the French manufacturer’s series. For just 449 euros a pair, you can get high-quality speakers with a well-thought-out design and in four stylish color variants. The forward-facing bass reflex openings make the BR03 a little easier to set up, as the distance to the rear wall is not that important here. Sonically, they are energetic and precise with lots of details and a minimally cool but by no means unpleasant tonality. Matching feet are available for an additional charge of 150 euros.

Price for a pair: around $449.


Klipsch RP 600M II

The Klipsch RP 600M II might also appeal to lovers of vintage hi-fi

The Klipsch RP 600M II are a real eye-catcher with their large tweeter horn and orange woofer and midrange driver . Of course, the design is primarily for sound reasons; the horn ensures increased efficiency . Further technical tricks such as a particularly large voice coil allow high dynamics and liveliness in musical reproduction. Added to this is the comparatively large design, which naturally supports the bass physically. Cork is incorporated into the floor, which is intended to protect furniture as well as provide acoustic isolation.

Price for a pair: around $800


DALI Oberon 5

DALI Oberon 5
A compact floorstanding speaker like DALI’s Oberon 5 would also definitely be an option as a playing partner for the WiiM Amp.

The smallest floor-standing box from DALI’s Oberon series is the sweet spot of the series. With a shoulder height of 83 centimeters and two 13 mm drivers, it is still compact, but in terms of sound it is in no way inferior to its next larger sister and is extremely complete, lively and spirited. Tones are stunning considering the price, the bass is contoured and precise. We also find it particularly nice that the Oberon 5 are absolutely uncritical in their setup. The high-quality foiled MDF housing with metal feet, the fabric covering and the red drivers also make a visual impression.

Price for a pair: $900

The best turntables for the WiiM Amp

In principle, you could operate any turntable with the WIiM Amp as long as a separate phono preamplifier is used. For our three top recommendations, however, in the spirit of minimalism, we have exclusively opted for turntables with phono preamps already integrated ex works.

Lenco LBT-345WA

The Lenco LBT-345WA has a stylish wood veneer and even comes with a plate weight.

The LBT-345WA from Lenco offers excellent value and was a positive surprise in the test despite the low price of 429 euros. On the one hand, there is the flawless walnut high-gloss finish. On the other hand, the equipment is exemplary with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, an integrated phono stage, Bluetooth and USB output. The sound was also convincing thanks to its courageous, powerful manner, complemented by clean and precise accents and a pleasant, natural tonality.

Price: around $429

Sonoro Platinum

The Sonoro Platinum impresses with its particularly clean and chic look and good components.

For some time now, the Neuss brand Sonoro has also been offering HiFi devices such as this turntable with a built-in phono preamplifier, Bluetooth, USB output and a good Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. Not only did our measurement laboratory confirm that the Platinum had exemplary qualities in the test, the Neusser analogue debut was also convincing in the listening test. It relies on a pleasing, rich sound with full-bodied sonority, but without lacking clarity.

Price: around $600


Thorens TD 204

The traditional German brand Thorens also offers a suitable, fully equipped turntable with the TD204.

The Thorens TD 204 is also equipped with a built-in phono pre, but does not provide an additional digital output of the signal. The TD 204 comes pre-equipped from the factory with the inexpensive AT95E pickup, which is hard to beat for the money. Even with this entry-level system, the Thorens sounds convincingly coherent and coherent, but with a better system, such as an Ortofon 2M Blue, the Thorens becomes really dangerous. An ideal entry-level device to “grow with you”.

Price: around $800


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