Topping E70V
Topping E70V
Topping E70V

Topping E70V: Exceptional sound with clever and practical features

With the E70 Velvet, Topping offers a new version of the excellent E70 DAC, equipped with AKM’s new high-end AK4499EX D/A conversion chip. Otherwise, it builds on the superior technical base of its big brother, combining smart design and high-end components for exceptional sound with clever and practical features such as Bluetooth, 12V trigger or adaptable output level.

Topping E70V

The E70 Velvet provides balanced XLR and single-ended RCA output. The input is selectable and allows you to use only one or both at the same time. Moreover, Topping offers a smart feature that allows you to adjust the level of these outputs depending on the usage and desired integration. Thus, the XLR output level can be changed from 4 V to 5 V, and the RCA output level can be changed from 2 V to 2.5 V.

Topping E70V

The Topping E70 Velvet integrates a digital-to-analog conversion stage on AKM’s new DAC chip, the AK4499EX, the manufacturer’s new flagship. This converter features a switched resistor architecture using proprietary VelvetSound technology. It uses the latest high-quality conversion technologies to ensure the most vivid and realistic sound reproduction possible.

Topping E70V

Equipped with a Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth 5.1 receiver chip, the E70 Velvet allows you to stream music remotely directly from your smartphone or tablet. It also supports aptX, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive and LDAC high-definition transmission codecs, ensuring high-quality playback over Bluetooth. Additionally, the E70 Velvet bypasses the Bluetooth receiver conversion stage and uses a more powerful AK4499EX DAC to ensure the most accurate audio reproduction possible.

Topping E70V

The E70 Velvet uses the superior I/V conversion circuit found in its big brother. It is designed to provide low distortion and noise while occupying less space. Here it is pushed to the limit to allow the DAC to reach its full potential.

The Topping E70 Velvet’s USB input is linked to the latest generation XMOS XU316 interface with a custom Thesycon driver. This powerful interface supports high-resolution audio streams up to PCM 32bit 768 kHz and DSD512, providing a very high-quality listening experience.

Characteristics of Topping E70V:

  • Product Type: DAC
  • Inputs: Bluetooth 5.1/1x USB-B/1x coaxial/1x optical Toslink
  • Outputs: 1x single-ended stereo RCA/1x balanced stereo XLR
  • DAC chip: AKM AK4499EX
  • Bluetooth reception: QCC5125
  • USB interface: XMOS XU316
  • Supported Bluetooth codecs: AAC/SBC/aptX/aptX HD/ptX LL/aptX Adaptive/LDAC
  • Supported sampling rates: USB : PCM up to 32bit 768kHz, Native DSD up to DSD512, DSD DoP up to DSD256/Optical / Coaxial : PCM up to 24bit 192kHz, DSD DoP up to DSD64 Measurements Parameters DAC E70 Velvet (line out / USB in @ 96 kHz)
  • THD+N (A-Weighted) 0.00008% @ 1kHz 0.00006% @ 1kHz
  • THD @ 90kBw (no weighting) 0.0002% @ 20Hz-20kHz 0.0002% @ 20Hz-20kHz
  • SNR (A-weighted) 125 dB 131 dB
  • Dynamic range @ 1 kHz, A-weighted 125 dB 131 dB
  • Frequency response 20Hz-40kHz (±0.3dB)/20Hz-40kHz (±1.0dB) 20Hz-40kHz (±0.2dB)/20Hz-40kHz (±0.8dB)
  • Output Level 2.1Vrms @ 0dBFS (4V mode)/2.5Vrms @ 0dBFS (5V mode) 4.2Vrms @ 0dBFS (4V mode)/5Vrms @ 0dBFS (5V mode)
  • Noise (A-weighted) 1.3 µVrms 1.3 µVrms
  • Channel interference -130 dB @ 1 kHz -143 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Channel balance 0.3 dB 0.3 dB
  • Output impedance 50 ohms 100 ohms
  • Black color
  • Dimensions: 200x138x44 mm

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