Weiss Helios
Weiss Helios
Weiss Helios

Weiss Helios: New flagship DA converter sets a new standard

The Helios represents the pinnacle of digital-to-analog conversion technology from Swiss company Weiss Engineering. This flagship DAC features an eight-channel design with four DACs per channel, complemented by proprietary DSP algorithms and high-end analog components. With an emphasis on uncompromising quality, the Helios sets a new standard in digital audio conversion.

Weiss Helios: made according to the wishes of professionals

Weiss Engineering caters to professional clients who demand the highest standards in audio production, working in top studios with renowned artists worldwide. Their professional DA converters are trusted in these environments for their uncompromising quality. With the Helios, Weiss Engineering brings the same level of excellence to the high-end hi-fi market, offering audiophiles a taste of studio-grade performance and precision in their home audio setups.

The Helios is equipped with a variety of digital inputs in multiple formats, along with both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs. It supports all standard sampling rates up to 384 kHz, as well as DSD x64 and x128 formats. Additionally, the device doubles as a preamplifier and headphone amplifier, offering versatile functionality. Users can also enjoy streaming capabilities via UPnP and Roon integration, enhancing their listening experience with convenient access to online music libraries.

The Helios, along with its counterparts DAC501 and DAC502, shares the same digital audio platform, but features a distinct D/A converter and analog output section. Its XLR and RCA outputs can directly drive amplifier line inputs and headphones, either through dedicated headphone amplification or the built-in headphone output. The DSP processing can be adjusted between speaker and headphone modes as needed.

Constructed with a double frame design comprising a stainless steel inner frame and a robust aluminum outer frame, the Helios ensures durability and stability.

For its exceptional performance, the Helios utilizes an eight-channel 32-bit DAC, incorporating four parallel conversion channels per audio channel. All analog processing is executed using the company’s proprietary discrete operational amplifier modules, the Weiss OP2-BP, known for their superior audio performance. Additionally, the device features an internal high-precision, low-jitter clock generator to ensure ultra-stable clock movements in the DA conversion circuitry, contributing to its outstanding audio quality.

The built-in digital audio processing of the Helios utilizes advanced algorithms developed by Weiss Engineering, the same ones employed in their professional audio tools. This allows users to adjust the audio with the same precision and sophistication used in the mixing and mastering of original recordings.

Equipped with an IR remote control, the Helios enables users to conveniently select active inputs and outputs, adjust DSP audio processing presets, and power the device on and off. Moreover, users can further control and configure the Helios via a web browser, offering detailed management over DSP processing and preset configurations.