Yamaha WXA-50
Yamaha WXA-50
Yamaha WXA-50

Yamaha WXA-50: Network Integrated Multiroom Amplifier

Yamaha introduces a new addition to the MusicCast family: the Yamaha WXA-50 Network Integrated Amplifier. The amplifier housing is designed in such a way that it can be placed both horizontally and vertically. Moreover, installation in a rack rack is possible in case of professional installation.

The design of the Yamaha WXA-50 is not as ascetic as it might seem at first glance. A lot of functions are hidden inside the ascetic cases, for example, Direct Mode allows you to play files with a resolution of up to 24bit/192kHz without additional processing. You can also use an adaptive equalizer that adjusts the response in the bass and treble in accordance with the volume level, a special Advanced Bass Extension mode is useful if you use small bookshelf speakers, and Compressed Music Enhancer will allow you to patch up losses during playback of compressed content from phones and tablets.

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MusicCast is a revolutionary technology for transmitting audio over a network. MusicCast-compatible devices can be used together or separately. They are managed using a single simple, fast and intuitive application. You can use a soundbar, wireless audio systems, AV receiver, HiFi components in any combination and expand your MusicCast system over time. Yamaha’s new MusicCast system allows you to transfer any music to any place convenient for you.

MusicCast uses a high-speed wireless network to transmit music. The system allows you to stream digital music files from a smartphone, PC or network storage to other MusicCast devices in the house. You can also stream music from your TV, Blu-ray player and other external devices connected to the WXA-50. In addition, you can broadcast a stream of music data from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to MusicCast devices located in different rooms.

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You can play the same music or completely different tunes in different rooms. The MusicCast system allows every family member to listen to their favorite music anywhere in the home.

The Yamaha WXA-50 amplifier is compatible with audio sources or music services, including streaming. Offering a variety of connectors to connect your TV, computer, CD player and other audio equipment, the device allows you to listen to music from around the world anywhere in the home.

You can play any audio files from your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth or AirPlay. You can play music from music apps, radio apps, or video sites like YouTube™.

Use your smartphone or tablet with the MusicCast CONTROLLER app to control your speakers and quickly change settings. It also functions as a remote control for all your MusicCast-compatible devices.


Pressing any button on the front panel turns on the device and starts playing music from the previously selected source. Quick and easy access to your favorite music. The remote control includes a group of six buttons that can be assigned settings for instant access to online sources such as Internet radio stations, albums, or songs on a NAS server or USB drive.

The device has a simple and functional design that looks stylish and fits perfectly with other audio system components. Yamaha’s engineering work extends beyond just the sound: the sleek metal body, available in two color tones, definitely enhances your music listening experience. The compact body, just 214mm wide, fits into almost any space without attracting too much attention. Install it in any convenient place – vertically or horizontally, isolated or together with other components.


Thanks to the company’s advanced audio processing technology, any music source at your disposal will sound excellent, regardless of the quality of the source, the acoustic properties of the room or the type of speakers you use. When playing audio files from a smartphone or other sources that use compression, the Compressed Music Enhancer algorithm comes into play and significantly improves audio quality at all frequencies. The volume control with adaptive correction automatically adjusts the low and high frequencies, optimizing their ratio depending on the signal level. Advanced Bass Extension technology delivers deeper, richer bass—especially for built-in speakers. And Direct Mode allows you to play high-resolution audio directly, bypassing the processing circuitry.

On top is the Yamaha WXC-50 network player, and on the bottom is the Yamaha WXA-50 multi-room amplifier. 

The Yamaha WXA-50 features innovative Yamaha audio technologies and circuit designs. For example, the preamp section minimizes digital jitter and uses the same high-performance ESS DAC found in our high-end AV receivers. A proprietary power grounding circuit called DAC on Pure Ground eliminates the negative impact of the power supply on sound quality. The 48-bit digital volume control provides higher quality control than conventional digital or analog controls. And the durable metal frame gives the design the stability needed to play music with the power and clarity you need.

On top is the Yamaha WXC-50 network player, and on the bottom is the Yamaha WXA-50 multi-room amplifier.  

The Yamaha WXA-50 supports a wide variety of high-resolution formats, including DSD 5.6 MHz, WAV, FLAC, AIFF 192 kHz/24 bit and ALAC (Apple Lossless) 96 kHz/24 bit for iTunes. Regardless of the source, be it a download from a website or a streaming service, the music is reproduced in high definition, making it feel like you’re in a concert hall. In standby mode, the Yamaha WXA-50 consumes less than 2 watts. During operation, energy consumption is 15 W, which is also quite low. And even with long-term operation, the WXA-50 proves to be quite an economical device. The Auto Power Down function allows you to further save energy by setting automatic shutdown after 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours of operation.

Features of Yamaha WXA-50 

Metal body top facade with aluminum perforated mesh
Compatible with any type of audio source or music service, including streaming services
MusicCast app for easy system control This app allows you to control MusicCast components
One-button playback: pressing any button turns on the device and kickstarts music playback
Retro design with a modern finish
48-bit digital volume control has higher resolution for high-quality tuning
Supports DSD 5.6MHz and FLAC/WAV/AIFF 192kHz/24bit formats for high-resolution audio playback
Compact body Only 214mm wide, the device can be installed horizontally or vertically.
Easy to install – Measuring 214mm wide and 42mm high, the device occupies half of a standard 1U rack space
Low standby power consumption: 1.8 W
Powerful 2.1 channel audio
90 W per channel (6 Ohm, 1 kHz, 0.9 THD %, 1 channel loaded)
70 W per channel (6 Ohm, 20 Hz-20 kHz, THD 0.06%, 2 channels loaded)
Converter ESS Saber 9006AS 192 kHz / 24-bit
Class D Amplification 2 x 55 W (8 Ohm )
1 optical input
1 line input
1 subwoofer output
1 subwoofer input 1
Ethernet port input
1 Type A USB port
Internet radio vTuner
Free app for Android / IOS OS MusicCAST
Compatible with MP3, WMA, AIFF, FLAC (up to 192 kHz/24-bit), Wav, ALAC (up to 96 kHz/24-bit), AAC and DSD 5.6 MHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: 104 dB
Distortion: 0.02%
Power consumption: 15 W
Standby power consumption: <2 W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 214 x 42 x 245.9 mm
Weight: 1.9 kg