Yulong Aurora
Yulong Aurora
Yulong Aurora

Yulong Aurora: Stationary headphone pre/amplifier on two ESS9068AS chips

Yulong has released a stationary headphone pre/amplifier with an Aurora DAC on two ESS9068AS chips.

Aurora is our Yulong´s attempt to introduce MQA technology with our product development experience of more than 10 years. To ensure that Aurora performed satisfactorily, they tested Aurora in numerous personal and home audio systems, and led senior musicians and audiophiles during the listening and fine-tuning process. Yulong are confident that the Aurora will satisfy your needs because it measures well and provides high accuracy and outstanding musicality at the same time.

Yulong Aurora

Aurora is designed around the latest ESS ES9068AS 32-bit DAC chipset with XMOS XU216 USB solution and facilitates 768kHz, DSD512 and 8x MQA decoding for any bike ride. Despite its very compact design, the Aurora offers wide input and output options. It accepts USB audio, S/PDIF coaxial, optical and analog line input. An additional Bluetooth input adds Aurora wireless DAC capabilities, supporting popular codecs such as LDAC, aptX-LL and aptX-HD. Our MAS (mobile audio source) included a USB input to work with iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as regular Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

You can use the Aurora as a pure DAC over RCA or XLR analog line, but most users will explore the Aurora’s full potential and use it as a DAC/Head-Amp. The Aurora headphone amplifier deserves a special mention because this is by no means a cost-cutting proposition. YULONG has designed a fully balanced Class A discrete circuit in this compact device. Regen’s newly developed AC-DC power supply system can provide up to 5A transient current, together with the exotic OPA op-amp LPF and low impedance line driver, the head amplifier circuit provides enormous power and headroom. With a choice of XLR4, 4.4mm and 6.35mm phone output, the Aurora is a gem when serving as a desktop DAC/Amp.

One of YULONG’s innovative designs is to transform a Class A head amplifier circuit into an exceptional Class A circuit through an optimized switching circuit. The RCA and XLR output will double as an amplifier pre-out for powered speakers and effectively form a desktop Wi-Fi system. Last but not least, the analog line input allows the Aurora to serve as a pure preamp or pure head amplifier, making the Aurora a truly multi-purpose all-in-one for a variety of needs.

Yulong Aurora


  • USB Audio supports up to DSD512, 768kHz in PCM and 8x MQA decoding.
  • Coaxial and optical input support up to DoP128 and 384 kHz in PCM.
  • DAC based on the ES9068AS chipset announced in 2021.
  • Latest XMOS XU216 solution with ultra-low phase noise NDK oscillator.
  • Exotic LPF and line driver design with multiple OPA1612.
  • Discrete fully balanced headphone amplifier.
  • Discrete fully balanced RCA and XLR preamplifier for powered speakers.
  • MAS (Mobile Audio Source), special attention is paid to improving support for Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices.
  • Comprehensive input and output interface: USB Audio, Coaxial, Optical, RCA Line in, RCA and XLR Line/Pre-Out, plus XLR4, 4.4mm and 6.35mm headphone output.
  • Independent Vref adjustable, ultra-low noise linear LDO power supply.
  • Newly developed high power regenerative power supply.
  • The powerful headphone output operates satisfactorily with loads ranging from 16Ω to 600Ω.
  • Modern, compact and elegant aluminum chassis with a high-quality seamless finish.
  • Intuitive control with a single precision volume control with probabilistic damping.
  • Measuring 190mm x 165mm and 52mm in height, this is a compact and desktop-friendly all-in-one design.

Price: $520