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Dali launches Rubikore Cinema center speaker

The RUBIKORE CINEMA serves as the central speaker in the RUBIKORE series, designed to handle dialogue and film effects with precision in your home cinema setup. Whether used in all front channels or in combination with other models from the RUBIKORE series, this speaker delivers exceptional performance.

For TV sound through a stereo system, the RUBIKORE CINEMA offers high-quality two-channel hi-fi sound for both music and movies. In a full surround home cinema setup, this speaker can be utilized in the left, right, and center channels to produce outstanding results, even without a separate subwoofer.

Featuring two exclusive 6.5” SMC Clarity Cone bass/midrange units, the RUBIKORE CINEMA delivers deep and dynamic bass while maintaining seamless integration with the treble for detailed music reproduction. The speaker’s double hybrid tweeter from DALI ensures a well-resolved sound image with excellent horizontal dispersion, allowing for an immersive listening experience from various seating positions.


Experience surround as in the sound studio

The hybrid tweeter module has the ability to rotate 90 degrees, allowing the exclusive ribbon tweeter to deliver optimal performance even when the speaker is positioned horizontally. This is particularly useful when using the speaker as a center speaker beneath your TV or screen. By utilizing RUBIKORE CINEMA in all the front channels, you can recreate the same setup found in the sound studio where the film sound was originally mixed. By using identical speakers, you can achieve optimal coherence in the sound image, resulting in a truly authentic sound experience.

RUBIKORE – high-end qualities for price-conscious enthusiasts  

DALI has put in significant effort and intention into bringing the qualities of their costly KORE and EPIKORE high-end models to a new series that caters to budget-conscious enthusiasts with RUBIKORE. If you are a fan of DALI, you will surely notice the familiar cabinet design from the well-liked RUBICON models, but RUBIKORE introduces numerous innovations that make it appear as an entirely fresh loudspeaker series with superior performance capabilities.


Linear Drive and SMC – a unique magnet system

The bass/midrange units utilized in RUBIKORE are based on a simplified version of DALI’s groundbreaking and patented “Linear Drive” magnet system. This innovative technology was initially developed for EPICON and subsequently enhanced in KORE and EPIKORE. The Linear Drive system encompasses a distinctive magnet motor design and the revolutionary SMC magnet material (Soft Magnetic Composite).

SMC is composed of pressed iron powder and possesses exceptional electrical conductivity, approximately 10,000 times less than iron. This characteristic ensures that no distortion arises from eddy currents, which are non-linear, frequency-dependent, and speed-dependent braking effects within the coil’s core. In essence, SMC maintains linear magnetic properties across the entire frequency range, effectively eliminating a wide array of distortion artifacts commonly encountered in traditional magnetic systems. Furthermore, SMC is malleable and can be molded into precise shapes as desired.

Within RUBIKORE, DALI has encased the SMC pole piece within a slotted and meticulously calibrated copper sheath, subsequently enclosing it with a powerful double ferrite magnet system. This construction, both simple and ingenious, achieves a level of linearity comparable to the more expensive EPICON version in several aspects. When experiencing the crystal-clear reproduction of voices and instruments emanating from RUBIKORE, one becomes acutely aware of the significant distortion present in alternative constructions within the bass/midrange range.

In addition to its remarkable distortion-reducing properties, SMC also contributes to providing the speaker units with a more uniform and “amplifier-friendly” impedance curve. This results in a smoother performance without the dips and phase angles that can render certain competing products power-hungry. Consequently, the crossover operates optimally, and users have greater flexibility in selecting an amplifier. While it is still advisable to choose a high-quality amplifier to fully unleash the potential of RUBIKORE, it is not necessarily required to opt for a powerhouse model.


Clarity Cone – superb sound at any volume

In addition to the relatively simpler magnet system, the RUBIKORE bass/midrange units share many of the same advanced technologies found in DALI’s more expensive high-end series. The aerodynamically designed cast aluminum chassis allows for extensive diaphragm movements without any air compression. Furthermore, the unique combination of wood fibers and paper in the membrane provides both rigidity and flexibility, eliminating any issues with resonance.

The bass/midrange units feature “Clarity Cone” diaphragms, which are made using a brand-new blend of paper and wood fibers, similar to the EPIKORE series. The relief-like pattern on the diaphragms enhances the linearity of sound in the high frequencies, resulting in improved synergy between the midrange and treble, hence the name “Clarity Cone.” Additionally, this design reduces standing resonance, minimizing distortion on the membrane itself. Remarkably, these enhancements are achieved without adding any extra weight.

These new diaphragms represent a significant advancement in DALI’s Low-Loss principle, which is incorporated into all their loudspeakers. The powerful bass units effortlessly reproduce even the most dynamic musical fluctuations, pushing the limits of the amplifier. Simultaneously, they remain sensitive enough to accurately reproduce the faintest signals without altering their inherent character. Unlike many other speakers, RUBIKORE speakers do not require a forceful kick to come alive. The music effortlessly flows, creating a captivating three-dimensional sound image that fills the room, even when playing soft background music.

Two trebles in a perfect pair

The hybrid tweeter effectively combines the dome and planar magnetostat principles to deliver a high load capacity, wide horizontal dispersion, and a smooth, airy treble reproduction that rivals top electrostat constructions. Achieving this level of performance requires precise tuning of the system, a skill that DALI has honed over many years of working with this principle.

The 29 mm RUBIKORE soft dome draws inspiration from the advanced EVO-K treble found in DALI KORE, ensuring exceptional quality and the right geometry for a seamless transition to the band treble at the highest frequencies. The ultra-light coil, housed in a powerful ferrite magnet with steel control, operates with precision and efficient cooling, eliminating the need for magnetic oil in the coil gap for unrestricted movement and high efficiency. Additional features inspired by the EVO-K treble include the cast aluminum front plate and damped rear chamber, effectively eliminating resonances for a cleaner sound output.


Rigid and resonance-free cabinet with perfect timing

The RUBIKORE cabinet boasts exceptional durability with all surfaces crafted from MDF (Medium Density Fibre) and units securely fastened to the 25 mm thick front baffle. The finish offers a choice between varnish and real wood veneer, ensuring a top-class appearance.

Internally, the floor models feature separate chambers to prevent pressure differences and minimize standing waves, allowing for individual tuning of units without interference. Each chamber includes a unique “Continuous Flare” reflex port to optimize airflow, enhance linearity, and eliminate resonances and port noise for cleaner bass reproduction.

Strategic placement of damping material and bracing prioritizes free airflow, with reflex ports positioned directly behind each bass unit. DALI’s proven cabinet damping principle complements the low-loss mindset, while the hard-wired dividing filter and exclusive Mundorf capacitors ensure a short electrical signal path and reduced distortion.

High-quality terminal screws accommodate various cable connections and maintain optimal contact over the speaker’s lifespan. With the exception of RUBIKORE ON-WALL, all models are equipped for bi-wiring/bi-amping configurations.

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