Radiance 2400
Radiance 2400
Radiance 2400

Harman/Kardon Radiance 2400: Perfect combination of minimalist design and premium materials

The perfect combination of sleek, minimalist design and premium materials, the Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 features two ultra-thin floor-standing speakers and a powerful subwoofer for a rich, detailed sound experience. Constant Beamwidt technology delivers sound throughout the entire space, giving everyone present the same immersive listening experience. The compact digital hub connects to your TV and other AV devices, and Wi-Fi gives you free access to your favorite HD music streaming services. You simply won’t believe your ears and eyes.


A pair of ultra-thin (5 cm wide and 6 cm deep) floor-standing speakers, 1.8 m tall, are used as front satellites. Inside each there is a row of specially calibrated broadband 1.25-inch speakers – that’s where these dimensions come from. The system supports Harman’s proprietary Constant Beamwidth technology for professional equipment. This is a special polar pattern adjustment designed to provide the same sound to all listeners in the room. According to Harman, Radiance 2400 owners will no longer have to look for the “listening sweet spot”.


At the base of each satellite are wireless receivers, digital converters and amplifiers, complemented by Harman Digital Loop Amplifier technology. It is designed to compensate for the shortcomings of Class D amplification. An active 200-W 10-inch subwoofer operates at low frequencies. Signals for acoustics are generated by the Harman Kardon Radiance digital hub. In fact, this is a wireless preamplifier with connectors for connecting audio sources. In addition, it supports Chromecast and AirPlay, meaning it can be completely independent.


In addition to applications for streaming audio, the digital hub can be controlled via the built-in LCD display, the included remote control with Bluetooth connection, or from a smartphone. Earlier this year, the Radiance 2400 system was awarded the Best of Innovation award at CES 2021 in the High-Performance Home Audio or Video category.

Features of  the Harman/Kardon Radiance 2400

Elegant and stunning design

Premium materials are combined with a sleek, minimalist design to create a speaker system that blends seamlessly with the sleek design of today’s TVs. The Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 is a true work of art in appearance, and its sound is incredible.

Best-in-class sound

Harman Kardon’s heritage and cutting-edge audio research make the Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 the ideal loudspeaker, capable of hearing every note the way the musician intended.
Constant Beamwidth technology.

This Harman-patented Wide Beam™ acoustic technology uses 24 precisely calibrated drivers per speaker to create a wide listening area that lets you hear great sound anywhere in the room.

Connect components easily and conveniently

The Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 system features a digital hub-splitter that includes a wide range of input connectors for quickly connecting your favorite audio and video devices, such as TVs, game consoles, TV tuners or Blu-ray players.

Stream music over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 includes built-in Chromecast™ and AirPlay, allowing you to stream HD music from your favorite streaming services. Bluetooth is also available, so the possibilities of the system are endless.

Intuitive Controls

With a bright LCD display and completely intuitive controls, you can easily set up the Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 system, view information about the currently playing track, and manage your experience.

Easy setup

Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 speakers and subwoofer connect wirelessly to your digital hub. You just need to plug in the power cables and run a simple setup process through the Google Home app, or through Apple Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Wireless multi-room

Allows a single audio track to be distributed throughout the home or play different music in each room. Simply connect other multi-room speakers, such as the Harman Kardon Citation series, to your system to create a whole-home music system and control music from your tablet or smartphone.

Thrilling Bass

Compact yet powerful, the 10-inch (254mm) subwoofer delivers deep, spacious bass with 200 watts of power to bring your favorite movies and music to life.

Hide your digital hub

All settings on the Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 are controlled using the Bluetooth remote control, so you can easily hide your digital hub-splitter behind your TV or in a closet.

Harman Kardon Radiance 2400 Specifications

Subwoofer Output: 200 Watts RMS
Frequency Response: 35 Hz – 20 kHz
Speaker Drivers: 24 x 32 mm (1.25 in)
Subwoofer Drive: 250 mm (10 in)
HDMI Video Input: 4
HDMI Video Output ( with audio return channel): 1
HDMI version HDCP: 2.3
Audio inputs: 1 Optical, 1 Aux, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Audio
Bluetooth version: 4.2, Wireless network: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Frequency range 2.4G Wi- Fi: 2412- 2472 MHz
Speaker dimensions (Depth x Height): 320 mm x 1769 mm
Speaker weight: 7.6 kg Subwoofer
dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 296 mm x 400 mm x 296 mm
Subwoofer weight: 14 .6 kg