Ableton Live 12 released
Ableton Live 12 released
Ableton Live 12 released

Ableton Live 12 released with MIDI generation engines and microtuning support

Ableton has announced the release of a stable version of DAW Ableton Live 12. The twelfth version of the program received a new browser and piano roll, MIDI generators and a number of other changes.

The developers call Ableton Live 12 one of the largest updates in the entire existence of the program. The company has redesigned the interface of a number of workspaces, introduced content generators for creating parts, and at the same time added new sounds and instruments.

The update was previewed in November 2023. At the same time, the company launched open beta testing of the workstation, which made it possible to get acquainted with the upcoming changes. The current update brings the stable version of the DAW to registered users.

Ableton Live 12 search for similar content Similarity Search
The program now has a search for similar content

Among the main changes, the developers highlight:

  • MIDI generation. The program has several generative engines for creating MIDI regions with melodies, rhythm parts and chord accompaniment. Content generation occurs based on the settings specified by the user.
  • Global tone adjustment. Users can specify a global key value for a project, based on which Ableton Live 12 will adjust all clips and devices.
  • Advanced tuning. The workstation now fully supports microtuning, and at the same time is equipped with a base of “non-Western” scales used in traditional music of many nations.
  • New devices. The program has been replenished with the Meld bitimbral synthesizer and the Roar multiband distortion. You can learn more about their capabilities here .
  • Interface improvements. Users can now view the arranger, mixer, devices and clips window simultaneously.
  • Content Browser Changes. The browser began to support tags when searching for information, which, according to the developers, will make cataloging and searching for information faster and more convenient.
  • Search improvements. Searches can now be performed not only for specific queries. In particular, the program has learned to analyze the contents of the library and suggest similar content.

Ableton Live 12 also gets a new Lost And Found sound pack and a completely redesigned version of Granulator.

It is noted that all previously released sound packs have received updates for compatibility with the improved search engine – library content will be offered in the category of similar sounds.

DAW now supports microtonal tuning

Ableton Live 12 is already available for download on the official developer website. Registered users can update to the latest version through the update function.

Ableton Live 9, 10 and 11 users can upgrade to the latest version at a reduced cost. The same goes for beta DAW users.

You can get more details about the update on  the official Ableton website . A complete list of changes and innovations is presented on this page.

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