Forever 89
Forever 89
Forever 89

Forever 89: New company by former employees of Ableton and Teenage Engineering

Music industry veterans Svante Stadler and Rickard Jonsson, known for their work at Ableton and Teenage Engineering, have announced the launch of their new company, Forever 89. The company aims to create musical instruments catering to a diverse user base.

Drawing from their extensive industry experience, Stadler and Jonsson previously contributed to the development and promotion of products for brands like Teenage Engineering, Reason Studios, XLN Audio, and Ableton Live.

Svante Stadler’s background includes notable roles at Teenage Engineering, Reason Studios, Auxy, XLN Audio, Mellotron, and Pacemaker. His portfolio highlights involvement in projects such as the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer, as well as contributions to the Auxy app and the XLN Audio XO plugin. Meanwhile, Jonsson served as a product manager at Ableton, overseeing advertising campaigns and the promotion of Ableton Live. He later joined Ableton Cycling ’74 as a product manager, where he was responsible for the RNBO plugin.

The name “Forever 89” holds significance, as it references the transition between the 1980s and 1990s, a period marked by revolutionary innovation in music and beyond. Stadler and Jonsson emphasize that this era saw rapid transformations, including the emergence of the Internet, advancements in genetic engineering, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and other significant events. They believe these developments encapsulate the spirit of innovation and change that inspired the creation of Forever 89.

Svante Stadler and Rickard Jonsson Forever 89
Svante Stadler and Rickard Jonsson

The leaders of Forever 89 aim to embrace the innovative spirit of the times and support the next generation of musicians. Jonsson expressed the company’s vision of being “a source of fun exploration and a reliable tool for musical achievement,” emphasizing the importance of creating products that evoke positive emotions and pleasure. Stadler added that they strive to emulate the effect of technological advances that render recent innovations obsolete, indicating their commitment to pushing boundaries and driving progress.

Stadler revealed that Forever 89’s inaugural product is rooted in the founders’ personal needs and preferences. By identifying what they felt was lacking in existing products, they aimed to develop a device that aligns with their own creative aspirations and would seamlessly integrate into their daily workflows.

While details about the device remain under wraps, Forever 89 has released a teaser video showcasing their unique design. Although specific features are not disclosed, the teaser suggests that the device may be a percussion or rhythm instrument with a focus on sound resynthesis, promising a fresh approach to shaping, combining, and experimenting with sound.

Executives noted that for a number of reasons they did not have time to prepare the product forĀ  NAMM 2024 . The company will soon reveal more details about the device via its official website .