Nektar Panorama CS12 DAW controller for Logic Pro
Nektar Panorama CS12 DAW controller for Logic Pro
Nektar Panorama CS12 DAW controller for Logic Pro

Nektar Panorama CS12: Affordable DAW controller for Logic Pro

The company announced the release of the Nektar Panorama CS12 DAW controller on its official website. The device is equipped with a motorized fader, 12 backlit rotary controls and a set of preset mappings for a variety of popular plug-ins and virtual instruments.

Nektar Panorama CS12 is designed to make working in Apple Logic Pro easier. The controller is deeply integrated with the DAW, making it possible to control the music recording program without a keyboard and mouse, the manufacturer noted.

The device is equipped with a 100 mm motorized fader, providing precise control over the signal state of the selected track. According to the company, the fader will be especially useful when recording automations.

The mixer control section received metering scales, Solo, Mute, Select/Master buttons, as well as a separate pan control, whose color matches the identical control in Logic Pro.

Information about parameters and values ​​is displayed on the color display of the device. Important notifications and icons of activated functions are also displayed there. It is noted that in addition to starting recording and playback, as well as looping playback, the controller supports navigation through markers in the project.

Nektar Panorama CS12

On the right side of the controller is a section of controls for Apple’s stock DAW plugins. The 12 rotary controls and four buttons are equipped with color backlighting, making it easier for users to navigate the associated functions and values ​​of the knobs, according to the company.

Switching plugins is carried out by a vertical row of keys, at the end of which there are Channel and Sends buttons, which switch the layout between tracks and sends.

According to Nektar, Panorama CS12 supports all of Logic Pro’s built-in plugins without the need to install additional drivers. In addition, compatibility is declared with most developments from Waves Audio, Universal Audio, FabFilter and other companies.

Several dozen mappings are stored in the controller’s memory, simplifying device configuration and parameter binding. Users can customize function bindings via the companion app included with the controller.

Nektar Panorama CS12 is already on sale. The recommended cost of the device is $349. You can get more details about the device on the official website of Nektar Technologies.