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Sonos unveils completely redesigned Sonos app

Sonos has created a new app to control its devices. The services, content and system controls are brought together on one customizable home screen. The rollout will begin on May 7,...


Sonos unveiled what it says is its most comprehensive app redesign ever, creating a new streaming experience that lets listeners organize their playlists, stations, albums and more from more than 100 services on one customizable home screen. The new home screen provides faster access to Sonos system controls with one simple swipe up, making skipping from tab to tab a thing of the past. As a self-proclaimed audio experience leader focused on creating a better way to listen, Sonos intentionally redesigned the app on a modern software platform for a simpler, faster, and better experience that can support faster innovation.

The redesigned app supports all existing S2 products and will be available worldwide on May 7, 2024 via a software update to the S2 mobile app and via an all-new web app.

“We introduced the world to multi-room music over twenty years ago, and today we proudly play it in more than 15 million homes. Because we’re always pushing ourselves to innovate and listening to feedback from our passionate customers, we felt now was the time to reinvent our app experience,” said Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos. “After rigorous development and testing, we are confident that this redesigned app is simpler, faster and better. It once again raises the bar for the home music listening experience and gives us the opportunity to expand into new categories and experiences.”

“Today’s streaming experience has become fragmented across multiple platforms due to diverse content offerings, algorithmic management, or simply the desire not to recreate playlists across multiple locations,” said Maxime Bouvat-Merlin, Chief Product Officer of Sonos. “As the only audio brand with an open platform that offers extensive choice, Sonos makes it easy to control your system and curate your favorite sounds, all in one place. Our redesigned app delivers the industry’s most streamlined streaming experience by bringing a world of content and intuitive controls to the home screen.”

Sonos app from May 7, 2024: more than 100 streaming services, one home screen.

The redesigned Sonos app prioritizes a listening experience that is human, putting your real favorites front and center and giving you more control to make your streaming experience your own. The changes are summarized below.

  • Get to your music (and leave the app) faster: No more tapping between tabs: the new home screen offers all your favorite content and controls, all in one place. Quickly get back to your recently played music, browse libraries and recommendations from your favorite services, and fill your home with music and all the sounds you love
  • Customize and control: Enjoy unparalleled control by designing your home screen to reflect how you listen. Pin rows of your favorite content and services; then move, edit, or rearrange them as desired.
  • Search any streaming library: Search for an artist, song, podcast or audiobook across all your favorite streaming apps at once through an easy-to-use search bar that’s always available right on your home screen.
  • Enhanced system controls: Swipe up from the bottom of your home screen to seamlessly control your entire system and access a visual overview of what’s playing on each of your products, quickly group speakers and dial in to the perfect volume from anywhere in the app.

In the early days of Sonos, there was only the Sonos Controller CR100 (and later the CR200) ​​and software for a computer to control Sonos devices. Over time, Sonos has actively killed both. Now comes a brand new web app that can be accessed through any modern web browser and will give listeners the same seamless system control as the mobile app, according to Sonos. The web app replaces the existing Sonos desktop controller and will be available on May 7, 2024 alongside the redesigned mobile app.