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Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2
Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2
Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2

Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2: Compact and extremely powerful subwoofer

Compact and extremely powerful for its size (150 W), active subwoofer with remote control for easy setup. It is designed to seamlessly merge with the polyphony of the audio system based on the anniversary 100 series. In the second revision, the Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2 received a larger speaker, now it is: 254 mm versus 203 mm. The boundaries of the frequency range have expanded: now Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2 plays from 30 Hz instead of the previous 38 Hz, which allows you to use it in large rooms and expect a serious bass effect. The weight of the subwoofer has increased by 500 g. The Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2 subwoofer is ideal for a modern apartment or house, where the controlled bass component does not pose a threat to the survival of its inhabitants.


Measuring just under a cubic foot, the Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2 can be easily positioned for optimal sound relative to your listening position. The Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2 delivers a powerful bass punch that belies its compact size. The Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2 subwoofer is designed for small rooms, and this largely determines the character of its sound. It is distinguished by a fairly intelligent presentation with excellent depiction of the voiced low-frequency band. In the main operating spectrum, the device is extremely delicate and natural, but closer to the lower limit, the control of the diffuser and the accuracy of after-sound damping decrease somewhat.


The model showed excellent percussion qualities and a decent rate of fire, necessary for adequate reproduction of fast musical passages. There are no noticeable overtones from the body here even at high volumes. However, sometimes you can hear signs of overload, which can be avoided by narrowing the operating band by adjusting the crossover filter. Finish options include high-quality film that perfectly imitates walnut veneer, or matte black color.

Characteristics of Acoustic Energy AE108 Mk2

254 mm woofer with a powerful magnetic long-throw system
Power: 150 W
Variable crossover frequency: 30 – 110 Hz
Phase switching: 0 / 180º
Finish: vinyl film: black (Black), walnut (Walnut)
Overall dimensions: 290 x 290 x 290 mm (without legs)
Weight: 8 kg

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