Acoustic Energy AE300
Acoustic Energy AE300
Acoustic Energy AE300

Acoustic Energy AE300: Sleek and open bookshelf speakers

The Acoustic Energy 300 speaker systems prioritize the utilization of next-generation mid/bass speakers by the English manufacturer. While the shape and material may seem familiar, they have evolved beyond traditional paper cones found in models like the Acoustic Energy AE 100. Instead, these speakers feature compressed sandwich drivers crafted from ceramic and aluminum, representing a significant advancement. Notably, this updated driver, a refined version of the renowned proprietary Acoustic Energy design, was previously implemented in the Acoustic Energy AE 1 Active, a member of the esteemed Reference line.



The incorporation of speakers from the reference series into the Acoustic Energy 300 is a positive indication. The composite construction of the diaphragm and the latest-generation magnetic system promise enhanced rigidity and articulation in the sound, along with a greater power reserve compared to the 100 series. Additionally, the use of foam suspension, as opposed to rubber suspension in the 100 series, is expected to introduce more detail and nuance to the sound. With an increased diameter of 130 mm (up from 100 mm), the speakers are poised to expand the soundstage significantly, although the 100 series already offered ample stage volume.

Another notable enhancement is the introduction of a new aluminum tweeter specifically engineered for the 300 series, replacing the fabric dome tweeter used in the AE 100. The homogeneous material composition across the midrange/woofers and tweeter ensures impeccable tonal consistency throughout the entire frequency range. Furthermore, the proprietary WDT (Wide Dispersion Technology) waveguide, housing the HF driver, facilitates even and voluminous dispersion of high frequencies, resulting in an almost holographic rendition of the soundstage.



In the design process of the Acoustic Energy 300 model, the manufacturer was liberated from financial constraints and the need to target the most budget-friendly segment of the Hi-Fi market. This freedom allowed Acoustic Energy to not only incorporate more costly speakers but also enhance the finish quality. The speakers will be available in three versions: glossy white/black varnish and Walnut Wood Veneer. Notably, the speakers carry significant weight, with a pair of bookshelf speakers weighing in at 13 kg. The low-inertia body, crafted from MDF, boasts a wall thickness of 18 mm, supplemented by specialized spacers and partitions inside to minimize unwanted overtones. The design of the enclosure closely mirrors that of the Reference series, ensuring minimal resonances and a lack of boxy sound.

Characteristics of Acoustic Energy 300

Acoustic design: bass
reflex tweeter: 28 mm, aluminum dome
midrange/woofer drivers: 130 mm, aluminum-ceramic cone
Number of bands: 2 Frequency
range: 45-30000 Hz
Crossover frequency: 296 and 2560 Hz
Impedance: 6 Ohm
Sensitivity: 86 dB
Power: 125 W
Dimensions: 300x175x260 mm
Weight: 6.5 kg