ATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition: High-End active loudspeaker

ATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition
ATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition

Limited to a production of only 150 units, the ATC SCM20ASL showcases the company’s finest speaker and amplifier technology within a closed-off cabin.

ATC’s compact two-way SCM20ASL Limited Edition active speaker boasts an exquisite high-gloss dark blue finish.

To complement the cabin, the front panel is meticulously hand-upholstered in Nappa leather by renowned German leather specialist, Eissmann. The speaker’s external metal components are crafted from alloy and feature an anodized silver finish, creating a striking contrast against the blue lacquer and leather of the cabinet and front baffle.

The SCM20ASL Limited Edition active speaker combines top-of-the-line loudspeakers with a meticulously matched amplifier. This new model incorporates a two-way active system that was previously exclusive to floor models.

The SCM20ASL Limited Edition showcases a 150mm ‘Super Linear’ mid/woofer from ATC, along with a 25mm tweeter with double suspension, known as the ‘S-Spec’, also developed by ATC. The woofers operate within a sealed 20-liter cabinet, while the amplifier is Class A/B with MOSFETs, delivering a total power output of 200W, with 50W dedicated to each speaker’s woofer and tweeter.

The crossovers are active, utilizing 2nd Order Linkwitz-Riley analog technology, while an all-pass filter optimizes the phase response across the frequency range, resulting in significantly enhanced tonal balance and imaging.

Speaker input is facilitated through a balanced XLR connection located at the rear. Controls allow for adjustment of input sensitivity and the ability to cut or boost low frequencies. With the bass control, users can subtly fine-tune the bass response to suit their specific space and personal preferences.

The speaker comes with a removable grille, covered in soundproof fabric of a dark blue hue.

For those seeking even deeper bass support for the SCM20ASL Limited Edition, there is also the newly introduced 12-inch active subwoofer, the “ATC C4 Sub Mk2 Limited Edition”, available in a limited production run of 20 units.

The price for a pair of ATC SCM20ASL Limited Edition speakers is approximately $7,200, while the ATC C4 Sub MK2 Limited Edition subwoofer is priced at around $8,900 per unit.

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