Audio Pro A38
Audio Pro A38
Audio Pro A38

Audio Pro A38: An excellent true-stereo alternative to soundbars

The Swedish company Audio Pro has equipped the senior set of its A38 floor-standing active speakers with an expanded set of current switching options. The stereo pair, ready to deliver 150 W per channel, turned out to be in demand and universal – in addition to the usual Hi-Fi applications, it is ready to actively cooperate with the sound systems of a modern home. Each system is built on the basis of two 4.5-inch low-frequency drivers. In a wireless connection, Audio Pro A38 will be able to receive audio signals both via Wi-Fi (and be part of a proprietary multiroom) and via Bluetooth with support for the aptX Low Latency codec. Thus, using a Bluetooth transmitter, the speakers can provide wireless audio for TV programs and movies. Low latency capabilities are said to eliminate audio and video mismatch issues.


The TV can also be connected using an HDMI cable, and audio return channel (ARC) is provided. As a result, the switching on and volume of the speakers are controlled from the standard TV remote control. In this version, the speakers can be switched to virtual sound mode, and a subwoofer connection is also provided – although without support for wireless home theater. A TV, like many other external signal sources, can also be switched via an optical input. The analog connection is represented by a 3.5 mm jack.

In addition to its own remote control, which has five programmable buttons (each of them can play your favorite Internet radio or, say, a Spotify playlist), a proprietary Audio Pro Control application is offered to control the new product. All settings are available from the mobile device screen, including high and low frequency levels.

It is impossible to hide the pleasant impressions from communicating with Audio Pro components. And we say this not because we were threatened, but on the basis of very real impressions. The engineers and developers really tried to create the line of these acoustics, as it was thought out to the smallest detail: from the soft material on the bottom panel of the A26 to the 20 bolts on each metal panel. One of the most important items is the Audio Pro Control application. Nowadays, one cannot forgive developers when, when releasing a similar product to the market, they accompany it with “crude” software. Audio Pro Control doesn’t claim to be the best app, but it works great – and its structure is very user-friendly.


As for sound, both Audio Pro A28 and Audio Pro A38 will be an excellent true-stereo alternative to soundbars and other new-fangled solutions, in no way inferior, and perhaps even superior to the latter in terms of sound, functionality and customization flexibility.

Characteristics of Audio Pro A38: 

Type: active floor acoustics
Number of bands: 2
HF speaker: 25 mm, soft fabric dome
LF speaker: 2×115 mm
Frequency range: 32 Hz – 25 kHz
Power: 2×75 W, class D amplifier
Crossover frequency: 2,900 Hz
Inputs: HDMI ARC, optical, AUX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Acoustic design: bass reflex
Finishing options: white, black
Dimensions (WxHxD): 190x832x210 mm